Hosted 7th workshop on Angular (v2)

On 11 Feb 2017, I hosted a workshop on JavaScript and Angular (v2) in Gurgaon. There were around 60 developers, who attended the workshop. It was a hand’s on kind of workshop. In the workshop, every attendees wrote code and creates an application in Angular (v2). In the workshop, following topics were covered, JavaScript functions … Continue reading Hosted 7th workshop on Angular (v2)


Thanks 2016

I thank each one of you for your support in 2016. It was a great year for me. I have been enjoying evangelism at Infragistics. As part of my job, creating awareness about highly useful Infragistics products among community and customers. Besides my day job, I am very proud to host Angular 2 road show … Continue reading Thanks 2016

Join me in the free webinar on CRUD operations in Angular 2

Infragistics brings you another webinar in India time zone. This time, we are hosting it on 8th September at 3 PM. In this webinar we will cover CRUD operations in Angular 2. Free register to attend the webinar In the webinar, we will cover following topics Components Routings Services Forms and Validations We will use … Continue reading Join me in the free webinar on CRUD operations in Angular 2