Thank you for ng-India 2020, find Photos and Resources here.

Hey there!

I’m Dhananjay Kumar, organizer of India’s Largest Angular Conference, ng-India.

I thank you for participating in ng-India on 29 Feb 2020 in Delhi. It is you, who has made ng-India, India’s (or perhaps Asia’s) Largest Angular Conference.

I hope you had a good time learning from esteem speakers from across the world, you liked the food, and you wear ng-India t-shirt with pride.

You can find all photos of ng-India 2020 at below link, let me know your favorite photo.

Feel free to share your photo wearing the ng-India T-shirt on twitter or LinkedIn with hashtag #Angular, #ngIndia, and #ngIndia2021.  Your happy photo may win your discounted ticket for ng-India 2021.

Recorded Talks

We should able to upload all recorded videos of the talks by the end of March. Once uploaded, I will send you notification mail, or you may want to subscribe to <geek97/> YouTube channel for updates on videos as it gets uploaded.

Subscribe here:


You can find slides and other resources for various talks here.

Rob Wormald’s Keynote Presentation

Manu Murthy’s Presentation on Angular Team

Jesse Sander’s Presentation on NgRx

Martina Kraus’s Presentation on Angular Ivy

Sam Julien’s Presentation on Demystifying Token Authentication in NgRx

Sam Julien’s Code Sample on Demystifying Token Authentication in NgRx

Siddharth Ajmera’s Presentation on Bazel

Santosh Yadav’s Presentation on  Angular Builder

Santosh’s Yadav Code Sample on Angular Builder

Srashti Jain’s Code Sample on Angular Service Worker

Srashti Jain’s Presentation on Angular Service Worker

Nishu Goel’s Presentation on Framework-agnostic Web Components

Nishu Goel’s Code Lab on Framework-agnostic Web Components

Jinal Shah’s Code Sample on YouTube Player Angular Component

Jinal Shah’s Running Demo on Angular Components

Pankaj Parkar’s Code Sample on Higher-Order Components

Pankaj Parkar’s Presentation on Higher-Order Components

Darpan Kumar’s Angular Global Error Handling Code Sample

Thank you

I take this opportunity to thank all the amazing speakers.

Each one of them inspires us to become better Angular developers. I hope they will consider to speak and teach us again in ng-India 2021.

You may consider following them on twitter for constant learning from their blogs, talks, books, videos. You can find their twitter details below,

Rob Wormald –  @robwormald

Manu Murthy –  @manu_murthy

Jesse Sanders –  @JesseS_BrieBug

Michael Hladky – @Michael_Hladky

Sam Julien –  @samjulien

Martina Kraus –  @MartinaKraus11

Nishu Goel –  @dcoustawilson

Srashti Jain – @srashtisj

Siddharth Ajmera –  @SiddAjmera

Dewansh Parashar –  @dewanshparashar

Pankaj Parkar –  @pankajparkar

Jinal Shah – @jinalshah999

Darpan Kumar –  @darpank21859647

Santosh Yadav –  @SantoshYadavDev

I also thank sponsors, volunteers for all their help, and special thanks to Stephen Fluin from Angular Team and Shivprasad Koirala from QuestPond for all their support since the inception of ng-India.


Let me know how to improve and makes ng-India more inclusive.

For any feedback and suggestion, write to me at

What Next

If you are motivated and enough inspired to be next GDE, blogger, published author, or speaker and think I can be a help, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to help you in all possible ways. Good Luck.

I hope to see you in ng-India 2021.

Once again, thank you for coming.


Dhananjay Kumar

Teacher, MVP, GDE

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  1. Excited for #ngIndia2021

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