Completed 11 Years working in the Industry


I am very excited to share that today I completed 11 years working in the industry. It has been a learning and good challenging journey for me. During last 11 years, I have lived in three different cities and worked on six different technologies. I started my career as Software Engineer and currently working as a Developer Advocate for Infragistics.


Below in tabular form you can find my work experiences:


Besides working for various organization, since very beginning of my career, I have been writing articles. So far, in last 11 years I have authored more than 900 articles. You can read them on my blog:

I also authored a book on Angular called Angular Essentials.


In India, you can get it here:

Outside India, you can get it here :

Due to my contributions, Microsoft awarded me prestigious Microsoft MVP Award on 1 April 2010. Since then, I have been getting Microsoft MVP Award each year. So far, I have been awarded 9 times. You can find my MVP profile here:


After getting Microsoft MVP Award, I started participating as speakers. I got chance to speak in various Microsoft User Group meets and conferences. So far, in last 11 years, I have delivered 77 free talks or workshops. You can find details about them here:

In 2016, I founded offline community geek97 , thorough that we hosted free workshops  in various Indian cities. We also mentor young talent to become speaker and community contributor.

Geek97 also organizes India’s largest Angular Conference ng-India . You can see summary video of last ng-India here:


I have been enjoying working with Infragistics for last 4 years, and in coming years, I am aspired to work on JavaScript language, PWA, Angular and AI. I hope, I am able to add values in your professional life through my evangelism, writing, teaching, and ng-India.


Dhananjay Kumar

Winner of 9 Microsoft MVP Awards

Organizer ng-India

Recap of 2018

Hi Reader,

THANK YOU, for being with me in 2018. It was another good year due to your Support, Trust, and Love. Besides, you, I would like to thank my employer Infragistics and my boss Jason Beres that they gave me opportunities to contribute to developer community.

If you are an Angular developer, you may want to check fastest native Angular component library Ignite UI for Angular.

In 2018, I wrote articles, delivered talks in small meetups or big conferences, organized conference of 400 developers.

In 2018, I mainly focused on JavaScript and Angular. I was able to do the following:

Organizing ng-India was a kind of learning yet motivating experience. Since this was first ever-Angular specific conference in India, I had my doubts. However, everything went as planned. We sold all 300 tickets in less than one month and was joined by speakers from all across India. From printing goodies, printing T-Shirts, doing social media, to receiving speakers at AirPort, to delivering two talks, I had fun in almost everything in ng-India.

See Photos of ng-India here

I must thank all sponsors, volunteers, and speakers of ng-India. Without them, it was never possible. A special thanks to Shivprasad Koirala  and   Questpond for their trust in ng-India. Yes, finally yet importantly a big thank to vibrant Angular community for all motivation.

I delivered 11 talks in 2018. To deliver these talks, I travelled to six Indian cities and a country Nepal. Out of 11 talks, five talks were in big conferences such as ng-India, ng-Nepal, Pune Developer Conference and five talks were kind of workshops hosted by me in various cities. I also did one webinar for ng-Frankfurt.

I wrote 28 articles mainly on Angular and JavaScript and wrote an Angular Essential E-Book. I hope, I was useful to you in 2018.

Also in 2018, I got Microsoft MVP Award, which was ninth MVP Award for me since 2010. I have been getting it every year since 2010. I also had opportunity to attend MVP Summit in Seattle.

If you are reading my blog since 2010 and wondering, how I look on 31 December 2018, below photo is taken today


With all happiness, I wish you Happy New Year 2019. Keep learning, writing, teaching, and implementing. I am very excited for 2019.  Happy Coding.

Thanks with Regards

Dhananjay Kumar

Got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award 9th times in nine consecutive years

I am excited to inform you that I have been awarded prestigious Microsoft MVP Award 9th times in nine consecutive years. You can learn more about MVP Award here: . I thank Microsoft for the award and recognition.


At time of writing, there are around 3000 MVP worldwide and around 75 MVP in India. Therefore, it is matter of sheer pride to be part of this exclusive group of professionals. First time I got this award in 2010 and since then I have been getting this award each year. You can find my profile here:


To reward you, each year Microsoft evaluates your work for community. Last year, my contribution was as follows:

  • Organized India Angular conference ng-India :
  • Number of articles : 35
  • Number of local user group speaking : 7
  • Number of conference speaking : 3

Mostly, I contributed in JavaScript, Angular, VS Code, and TypeScript hence got awarded in Visual Studio and Development category.

Getting Microsoft MVP award Ninth times in a row is overwhelming, and it was never possible without,

geek97 community . I am founder of geek97, which is one of the largest community of JavaScript developers in India. Geek97 hosts JavaScript and related frameworks workshops, events across India. Geek97 proudly organized ng-India India Angular Conference. I thank each members and attendees of geek97. . This is my personal blog and I write articles here. I started this blog in 2009, and since then have written around 950 blog posts here. I thank all subscribers and readers of this blog.

Infragistics. I work as Developer Evangelist for Infragistics. Culture of my employer allows me to contribute to the community. I thank my team and everyone for all support and opportunity. Do not forget to check our awesome products here

Going forward in this year, I am aspired to focus on

  • Writing 8 articles per month on latest of Frontend Engineering
  • Hosting one user group event in various Indian cities on various topics of Frontend engineering
  • Organizing ng-Nepal, Nepal Angular Conference
  • Organizing ng-India, India Angular Conference

For any help you can reach me at debugmode[at] outlook [dot] com or tweet me at @debug_mode



Microsoft MVP Since 2010.

Thanks Microsoft for awarding me Most Valuable Professional Award 8th times in a row

I am very happy and excited to share that once again I have received prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award


First time I got Microsoft MVP award in 2010 in Connected System Development specialization. In 2015, my specialization got changed to ASP.NET/IIS and in 2016, it changed to Visual Studio and Development. Once again, in 2017, I got awarded in Visual Studio and Development technologies.

You get this award if contribute to developer communities and enable them in various ways such as

  • Writing books
  • Writing articles
  • Writing blog posts
  • Delivering free sessions, workshops etc.
  • Answering questions in forums like Stackoverflow
  • Contributing to open source projects
  • Providing feedback to Microsoft products team etc.

Since last few years, I have been working on JavaScript and Angular. Therefore, I am contributing to developer community around these technologies. To give you some idea in 2016 only, I hosted 19 free workshop on Angular in various Indian cities. Besides these workshops, written many blog posts on JavaScript and Angular.

My journey as Microsoft MVP was never possible without support from my amazing employer Infragistics. I work as Developer Evangelist for Infragistics and I urge you to check our amazing JavaScript product Ignite UI here.

Finally, I would like to thank many seniors who have been inspiring me to do better and each one of you for your support. I am aspired for being more useful to you.

Below it is I in front of my MVP award wall  in my MVP Tshirt




Recap of Angular 2 Road Trip–Gurgaon


Reacp of Angular 2 Road Trip Indore 



To start with, I thank my employer Infragistics for all support in making these community events successful. We have awesome set of controls for your AngularJS 2, MVC, jQuery etc. application. Please download free trial of Ignite UI here


On 27th Aug, I hosted second event of my Angular 2 Road Trip in Gurgaon.. Read more about AngularJS 2.0 here . This time, it was turn of city Gurgaon to show the love for Angular 2  and there were around 280-300 developers attended the event.


You might be wondering that why people are seating on the floor? because I had more attendees than expected. I thought there would be maximum 100- 130 people would join the event. But I was wrong, and around 300 people attended the event. There were no enough chairs for all 300 people, so we removed all the chairs from the hall such that everyone could be accommodated by seating on the floor. I must appreciate passion and learning attitude of each participants that they agreed to seat on the floor for 5-6 hrs. We all sat on the floor for the learning and love of AngularJS 2.0


In six hours I covered following topics,

  • Setting up development environment in VS Code
  • Understanding Bootstrapping
  • Understanding Modules
  • Understanding Components
  • Creating first component
  • Creating Service
  • Understanding Routing
  • Performing CRUD operations using http

I also covered basics of JavaScript functions, objects, and inheritance. Attendees were very much involved and fully participated. I used Dan Wahlin AngularJS 2.0 project from GitHub as the starter project and built application on top of that.


I was very motivated and aspired to do better seeing participations and passions of people, even though they were seating on the floor for whole days and many of them did not get lunch. I must each attendee for their support in successfully execution of the event.


I must also thank Microsoft India, specially Usha Rathnavel for her support in providing us hall, coffee/tea and lunch for the attendees on very short notice. Without her help this event was not possible.


Once again I thank each developer who came for the event. Since I am based out of Delhi, aspired to so more such event in Delhi.


Last but not least I would like to thank below mentioned people for their support in making AngularJS 2.0 multi city tour success.

Brad Green, Dan Wahlin, Geard Sans, Jaosn Beres , Todd Motto , Glenn Block

Next destination is Ahmedabad J see you there.   You can see more photos of the event on my FaceBook here  and in last group photo is here


Thanks everyone Smile

Microsoft MVP Award: 5th Times in Row



It is 5th times in a row that Microsoft awarded me as “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional”. I have been a Microsoft MVP since 1st April 2010 and getting it 5th times consecutively is matter of motivation and pride for me.

Learn more about Microsoft MVP award here

First time I was awarded in Connected System Developer expertise. I got awarded under this category mainly for my contributions in WCF, REST, WCF Data Service, Web API ODATA etc. Later Microsoft renamed CSD as Microsoft Integration. So I was Microsoft Integration/CSD MVP for 4th times.

This time I have been awarded in ASP.NET/IIS and I am excited seeing this. Looking forward to contribute under this expertise.

Last year my contribution (Jan 2013 – December 2013) was as follows,


Number of Blog Post: 109

Number of Speaking: 28

I am motivated after awarded 5th times and looking forward to help you more with my blog posts and speaking. Feel free to reach me at


Thanks Note

MVP was never possible without support of and Mahesh Chand . Aspired to be part of our site and community always.

I would take this opportunity to thank my seniors from India Pinal Dave and Gaurav Mantri for their continuous support. Also special thanks to my international friends Glenn Block Julie Lerman and Dan Wahlin for their continuous motivation.

Last but not least thank you so much Brij Mishra Amit C Suchit Khanna Tanmay Kapoor and Satyaprakash for always being there.

Last but not least thank you so much Stephen Forte . In all my 28 speaking, I did last year I tried (unsuccessfully) copying your style. Aspired to elicit positive energy and enthusiasm like you whenever I go.

In this year I will focus on Windows Azure, Node, JavaScript, Backend Services and various JS libraries.

Thank you God bless all!

Got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award 4th times in a row


Read more about MVP award program here

Since 2010 1st April is very important day for me. I wait for this day to recreate my trust in saying “Good work does not go unnoticed”. I work with developers, write blogs, and speak in user groups, conferences whole years. Being a human I feel happy and very happy when Microsoft recognise my work. It gives me motivation to get going.

Yes I am getting older now. This is fourth times in a row Microsoft says “I am their Most Valuable Professional

My last year contribution [1st April 20012 to 31st March 2013] is as follows’,



I hope I was useful to developers and helped them to bring best out of them. I thank each one of you who supported me. I am committed to work harder and I would try to be more useful to you.



In between where is party tonight? …..

Awarded with Microsoft MVP Award: 3rd time in Row


To My Blog Readers,

For me, “Microsoft MVP Award is not an Award rather it is a Responsibility


I am happy to announce to all my readers that I have been awarded as Microsoft MVP 3rd Time in row. This time also I have been awarded in discipline Connected System Development (CSD).

From 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012


I would take this opportunity to thank you my dear reader. I promise to serve and help you more in learning and developing throughout the coming years.


Any of your feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks with Regards

Dhananjay Kumar

I have been awarded as Telerik MVP

What a morning it is! I am super excited to share that; I have been awarded as Telerik MVP


I got a mail from Holly Bertoncini community Relation Manager that I have been awarded as Telerik MVP. I am very excited to add one more MVP Title along with my name. This was never possible without unconditional support from you my readers.

My Telerik MVP Profile here

Thanks Note

This award was never possible without guidance and support of my dear friend Chris Eargle. Chris is Telerik Developer Evangelist, C#MVP, INETA Community champion and President of Columbia Enterprise Developer Guild.

I would also take this opportunity to thank Emily Jayne Hall for her continuous support. She is kind and great motivator. Emily is Community Program Manager at Telerik.

From community I would like to Thanks three wonderful people for their never ended support. Pinal Dave ,ShivPrasad Koirala and Abhishek Kant

About Telerik MVP Program


The Telerik MVP Program aims to recognize and reward the amazing people who are highly successful at their own jobs and yet find the time and energy to share their extensive knowledge and passion about Telerik products with fellow developers. The Telerik MVPs have been actively contributing to the evolution of our organization and spreading the word about our products to the community.

Read more about Telerik MVP Program

Benefit Of being Telerik MVP

  • Free licenses for Telerik products.
  • Involvement in product development.
  • First-hand look at Beta programs – you will be able to get the alphas, betas and pre-release builds of all Telerik products before anyone else.
  • Access to our internal MVP roadmap.
  • Direct communication channel with our product teams, you will have a chance to get to know the people that stand behind Telerik products and communicate directly with them.
  • Active community contributors will be invited to attend major conferences at our expense and be with us at the company booth.
  • Personal blog and spotlight posted on our website.
  • Exclusive discounts that can be passed on to colleagues including the ability to transfer available Telerik points to friends.
  • MVP SWAG packages sent to you twice a year with all kinds of awesome goodies.

Read more about benifits here

Last but not least I thank each one of your and hope to keep writing and helping you.