Summary of the Year 2019

Dear Readers and Community Member,

I thank you for all your support, love, and respect in 2019. You have been a constant companion since 2009, and I could not imagine my life without you. Once again, thank you.

For me, the Highlight of 2019 was that in May I successfully summited Mount Everest Base Camp.


I candidly admit that in 2019, I was not in the best of mental health. However, like every year, I tried to add values in your life through books, blog posts, and talks.  My 2019 was as follows:

Authored Angular Essentials Book

In January 2019, I got published my 1st book on Angular.  There are more than 1000 copies of this book have been sold, and it is very popular among Angular developers in India.


You can get the book from amazon on the below links,

Amazon India:


Thank you for getting the book, and I hope you found it useful.

Organized, India’s Largest Angular Conference, ng-India

ng India (570)

In 2019, I organized the second edition of India’s Largest Angular Conference. The conference was attended by more than 300 developers from all across India and esteem speakers from all across the world. You can watch recorded talks at the conference here:

The third edition of ng-India is happening on 29th Feb 2020, and you can find more details  I hope to see you there.

25 Blog Posts

In 2019, I authored 25 blog posts, including videos. They were on topics such as,


In 2020, I am committed to be more disciplined and write more on JavaScript, Node.js, graphQL, TypeScript, Angular, etc.

5 Talks

In 2019, I delivered 5 talks at various conferences in India and Nepal.  I delivered 3 talks on Angular and 2 talks on JavaScript.  You can find more about my speaking here

If you want me to come and speak in your meetup, conference, events feel free to reach out to me on the email debugmode[at]outlook[dot]com

Award and Recognition

In 2019, I was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award  10th times, and as always, it was a huge matter of pride for me.


Also, in 2019,  I was recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web technologies. I felt very happy for this recognition by the Angular community.


You can learn more about my GDE journey here

Started as Independent Trainer and Consultant

Starting 1st August 2019, I started as independent trainer and consultant. If you need my help feel free to reach me on debugmode[at]outlook[dot]com. I can be a help on

  1. JavaScript
  2. Angular
  3. Node
  4. GraphQL
  5. C#
  6. .NET
  7. Azure
  8. Microservices etc.

I am very excited for 2020, and I wish you all luck. See you around 😊


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