Got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award 11th times

I am very humbled, happy, and excited to share that I have received the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the year 2020. This is my 11th MVP award in a row.

I thank each one of you for reading my articles, attending my webinars, watching my videos, and participating in ng-India. These awards are never possible with your love and motivation.

Microsoft MVP award is valid for one year and on 1st July of every year Microsoft announces it. First time I got it in the year 2010 and since then have been getting it each year.

I have been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional also in the year 2020, which is my 11th Microsoft MVP Award – Thank you, Microsoft.


I started contributing to the developer community by writing articles back in 2008, and at that time, I had no idea that I would able to continue writing for so long. In the last 12 years, I manage to write 900+ blog posts only because writing gives me satisfaction. Until I don’t write, I don’t find myself confident about that particular topic.  I write because writing gives me satisfaction.

Read Blog here:

These articles are freely available on the Internet to be read by everyone, so they are considered as my contributions to the developer communities, and in one way it is a win-win for me and a developer like you. Microsoft is kind enough to recognize my contributions and awards me the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award.

Other than writing, I contribute by creating videos and live webinars. I try to do at least one webinar in a month. In the webinar, I try to go PPT-FREE and do level 300-400 teaching of a particular topic through live coding.  So far, developers like you are liking it and finding it very useful.

You can watch videos and recorded webinars here:

Also, whenever I get a chance, I host free workshops in various cities. In these free workshops, in 4-5 Hrs, I teach one particular subject such that Angular, JavaScript, .NET, etc.  So far, in the last 10 years, I have done 75+ such meetups or events. 

You can find speaking details here – .  If you want me to speak in your events, I am just one message away.

One of the most critical aspects of the MVP award is mentoring others, and I have been mentoring many folks to be author, speaker, teaching them to get a better job, etc., and I am very proud of that.

From 1st April 2019- 31st March 2020, my contributions were

  • 26 Blog Posts
  • 10 Speaking
  • Organized, one of the world’s Largest Angular Conference, ng-India

About geek97 and ng-India

I started geek97 in 2017 with just one objective, to create Job-Ready Developers. Now, geek97 is one of the largest developer’s community in India with more than 5000 members.  We host free workshops, code camps, and webinars. We try to bridge the gap between the world’s best speaker and a regular developer by bringing them on the same platform to learn.

Subscribe to geek97 community here:

In the upcoming months, we will host many such events on JavaScript, Angular, React, Node, .NET, Azure, GraphQL etc.

At geek97, we are very proud of ng-India, which is one of the largest Angular conferences in the world.  In ng-India, developers come from all parts of India and neighbouring countries to learn from esteem speakers coming from the all across the world. So far, we have hosted ng-India in 2018,2019, and 2020.

We are very positive about ng-India 2021 and thank each one of you for making it inclusive and prosperous.

How to get MVP Award

To get recognized as an MVP, an existing MVP or Microsoft Employee has to nominate you. Once your nomination is accepted, the award team evaluates your contributions.   You can contribute in various ways, such as:

  • Writing books, articles, blog posts
  • Delivering free sessions, workshops etc.
  • Answering questions in forums like Stack overflow
  • Contributing to open-source projects
  • Providing feedback to Microsoft products team etc.

If you need mu help write to me,and I will love to mentor you through the process.

Once again, I thank each one of you, every member of the community, and Microsoft for this recognition.

For training, project development, and consulting reach me at

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