Got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award 9th times in nine consecutive years

I am excited to inform you that I have been awarded prestigious Microsoft MVP Award 9th times in nine consecutive years. You can learn more about MVP Award here: . I thank Microsoft for the award and recognition.


At time of writing, there are around 3000 MVP worldwide and around 75 MVP in India. Therefore, it is matter of sheer pride to be part of this exclusive group of professionals. First time I got this award in 2010 and since then I have been getting this award each year. You can find my profile here:


To reward you, each year Microsoft evaluates your work for community. Last year, my contribution was as follows:

  • Organized India Angular conference ng-India :
  • Number of articles : 35
  • Number of local user group speaking : 7
  • Number of conference speaking : 3

Mostly, I contributed in JavaScript, Angular, VS Code, and TypeScript hence got awarded in Visual Studio and Development category.

Getting Microsoft MVP award Ninth times in a row is overwhelming, and it was never possible without,

geek97 community . I am founder of geek97, which is one of the largest community of JavaScript developers in India. Geek97 hosts JavaScript and related frameworks workshops, events across India. Geek97 proudly organized ng-India India Angular Conference. I thank each members and attendees of geek97. . This is my personal blog and I write articles here. I started this blog in 2009, and since then have written around 950 blog posts here. I thank all subscribers and readers of this blog.

Infragistics. I work as Developer Evangelist for Infragistics. Culture of my employer allows me to contribute to the community. I thank my team and everyone for all support and opportunity. Do not forget to check our awesome products here

Going forward in this year, I am aspired to focus on

  • Writing 8 articles per month on latest of Frontend Engineering
  • Hosting one user group event in various Indian cities on various topics of Frontend engineering
  • Organizing ng-Nepal, Nepal Angular Conference
  • Organizing ng-India, India Angular Conference

For any help you can reach me at debugmode[at] outlook [dot] com or tweet me at @debug_mode



Microsoft MVP Since 2010.

Got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award 7th times


Thank you Microsoft, once again for recognizing me and my contributions


I am very excited and happy to share that, once again I have got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award. Microsoft has been awarding me this prestigious MVP Award for last 7 consecutive years. Even though, I have got it many times, I feel same happiness as I felt when I got it first time. I carry this award with pride and below mail from Microsoft gives me motivation to work harder and smarter.


First time I got Microsoft MVP award in 2010 and getting it each year after that. I have been getting it different expertise.


Note: WCF also knows as Connected System Developer (CSD)

Since 2010 technology has been changed lot, it has changed so much that now you have bash shell in windows and android emulator in Visual Studio. It’s tough to be relevant in continuous changing eco system. However, I will try to keep contributing as speaker, blogger, and a developer evangelist.

In year 2015 stats of my contribution was as follows:


Thanks Note

These contribution were never possible without constant help and motivation from my employer Infragistics and my boss Jason Beres. I love my job as developer evangelist here, and I will forward culture of Infragistics to create more awareness about technology in developer community.

I would also like to thank C-SharpCorner community and Mahesh Chand for giving me opportunity to contribute to their chapters and conference.

I would also like to thank Microsoft India evangelism team, India MVP Lead Biplab Paul , and Gandharv Rawat for their continuous support.

Once again thank you so much for everyone for being part of this journey.

Happy Coding

Microsoft MVP Award: 5th Times in Row



It is 5th times in a row that Microsoft awarded me as β€œMicrosoft Most Valuable Professional”. I have been a Microsoft MVP since 1st April 2010 and getting it 5th times consecutively is matter of motivation and pride for me.

Learn more about Microsoft MVP award here

First time I was awarded in Connected System Developer expertise. I got awarded under this category mainly for my contributions in WCF, REST, WCF Data Service, Web API ODATA etc. Later Microsoft renamed CSD as Microsoft Integration. So I was Microsoft Integration/CSD MVP for 4th times.

This time I have been awarded in ASP.NET/IIS and I am excited seeing this. Looking forward to contribute under this expertise.

Last year my contribution (Jan 2013 – December 2013) was as follows,


Number of Blog Post: 109

Number of Speaking: 28

I am motivated after awarded 5th times and looking forward to help you more with my blog posts and speaking. Feel free to reach me at


Thanks Note

MVP was never possible without support of and Mahesh Chand . Aspired to be part of our site and community always.

I would take this opportunity to thank my seniors from India Pinal Dave and Gaurav Mantri for their continuous support. Also special thanks to my international friends Glenn Block Julie Lerman and Dan Wahlin for their continuous motivation.

Last but not least thank you so much Brij Mishra Amit C Suchit Khanna Tanmay Kapoor and Satyaprakash for always being there.

Last but not least thank you so much Stephen Forte . In all my 28 speaking, I did last year I tried (unsuccessfully) copying your style. Aspired to elicit positive energy and enthusiasm like you whenever I go.

In this year I will focus on Windows Azure, Node, JavaScript, Backend Services and various JS libraries.

Thank you God bless all!

Presented in Cloud Computing Bootcamp in Udaipur

Read official recap of event here

On 1st February 2014 I had an opportunity to present on Cross Platform Mobile Application Development to developers and students of royal city Udaipur.



Udaipur is historical city of India and 700 km South West of Delhi. It is not a favourite software destination and get very few events on App development etc. So I saw this an opportunity to create awareness among developers and student of this city and get to connect with them in person.

I sincerely thank Gaurav Mantri , entrepreneur and Windows Azure MVP from Udaipur to suggest me as speaker and special thanks to Piyush Javeria HOD of Techno India NJR Computer Science department. Last but not least thank to Shakti Singh for great hospitality.

It was a full day event packed with 150+ students and developers. First half of the day was based on cloud and Windows Azure. It was presented by Gaurav Mantri. He made buzz word Cloud a simple technology to understand for audience. There were astronomical questions during the session and a satisfactory smile was on all faces after the session. I never thought someone can make Cloud and Windows Azure this much easy to understand in mere 3 hours. Great work done by Gaurav Mantri.


Second half was assigned to me. In this session I tried to motivate audience to DISCOVER BEST IN YOU. I started with normal talk for 30 minutes and then talked about Cross Platform App Development. So my session was divided in two parts.

First part I did a motivation kind of talk. We talk about 45 minutes how to bring best of ourselves. There were jokes, motivational stories etc in first half.

Second part was focused on technical talk. I covered how to create Cross Platform Apps using Telerik App Builder and HTML 5.


Last but not least a special thanks to motivated, self-driven and highly energetic audience. I had fun time presenting here. I hope some of attendees are motivated to create Cross Platform Apps or explore Windows Azure further.


Once again special thanks to Techno NGR Knowledge Campus and its director Mr Vyas. I would conclude by saying great work by Piyush HOD of CS department and team. Gaurav Mantri thanks for facilitating this event.


I hope I was useful to students and developers of Udaipur. Looking forward for another event and speaking there. Thanks!