Goodbyes are hard…..

Yes, Goodbyes are hard. After almost 5 years at Infragistics, I am moving on and seeking other opportunities. I must say these years were the best years of my life.


At Infragistics, I was a Developer Evangelist. My job was to engage developers, create more awareness with them around Infragistics’ Ignite UI product, and to help them to be successful.   Here are some of the things I accomplished : 

  • I created a developer community for Infragistics in India
  • I helped customers to learn and implement their solutions using Ignite UI
  • I delivered many workshops and talks across India for customers on JavaScript,  Angular, Ignite UI, ASP.NET MVC and more.
  • I created samples and customer POCs
  • I wrote articles for Infragistics blog. You can read them here

As a remote employee, I worked with various teams, managers, and regions. Based on that experience, I can say that Infragistics is one of the best employers and lead by true thought-leaders. They truly believe in making their customers successful and take care of their employees. I am grateful for my time at Infragistics, and want to send a special thanks to Senior Vice President Jason Beres for his trust in me, and giving me the opportunity. 


Other people I would like to thank is Director of Product Developer Konstantin Dinev , Managing Director of APAC Ken Azuma , Director of India Rohit Gaur , and my first manager Anand Raja for their constant support.

What’s Next?

I have been a Developer Evangelist for the last 7 years, helping Progress Telerik and Infragistics create their developer base in India. My forte is evangelism and I want to continue helping in reaching and educating developers and in creating community.

If you are looking for someone to help you engage with, enable, and excite your developers, feel to reach me at debugmode[at] or tweet me at @debug_mode


Announced: Winners of Dan Wahlin AngularJS jump start course


Recently I ran a competition in which you had Chance to get free Access to Dan Wahlin AngularJS jump start course worth 60$

I have selected 10 winners random from comments, tweets and FB. I am pleased to announce their name below,

  1. James Kell
  2. DiptiMaya Patra
  3. Lokesh Kondeti
  4. Rahat Khanna
  5. Sonam Kumar
  6. Mike Shaffer
  7. Satyaprakash
  8. Sunny Kumar
  9. Gokul Dhal
  10. jared ostyn

To claim your access I request all winners to send me a mail on

If you have been not selected as winner sill you can avail 50 % discount on course here . You have another opportunity to win free access of course if you are coming to C-SharpCorner Conference 2014 on 12th April in Delhi. Tickets of this conference has been sold out but if you are really interested in attending send me a mail on same too.

Last but not least once again a big thanks to Dan Wahlin for his support.

Thanks to Student created Windows 8 App of my Blog

I am very pleased to write here that one student Akrita Agarwal has shown her love to my blog and voluntarily created Windows 8 Application of my blog. I am very touched by this kind effort. You can get that app from App Store from here

Link to download Application from Store


This is two column application. You can browse blog posts on selecting a particular blog post from left. There is feature of searching a blog post and about author as well.



This may not be the best application but we are celebrating proactive step taked by a student to create an Application for Windows Store here.

Thanks to Akrita and their friends.

Joined Telerik India as Customer Advocate

Before I start this post a special thanks to Julie Lerman and Chris Eargle , for all their support in chasing my aspiration of Telerik.

I am excited to share with you that I have joined Telerik India as Customer Advocate. I will be working from Delhi/NCR region. And I will be reporting to Abhishek Kant (Country Manager, Telerik India).  I thank Abhishek Kant , John Bristowe and Stephen Forte for their confidence in me for this job.


As Customer Advocate I will be working very closely with Developers and Customers using Telerik products. I will take developers input on products and convey that to development team to make products better and more useful.

For illustration some of my work will be as following,

  • I will work with customers closely to understand their development eco system and help them solving their problems.
  • I will create awareness in Developer community about Telerik Products by creating demos, samples etc
  • I will be authoring whitepapers, blogs, articles etc.
  • I will be conducting trainings, sessions etc. on Telerik products.
  • I will convey information about any new or existing Telerik Product to bloggers, Tech Writers and Community leaders.

In nutshell, I will be responsible for educating developers, customers about Telerik products and helping development team to understand more about developer community and market trend on the products.

I am very happy and excited for this role since I have been aspired for this type of work from very beginning of my career. I cannot imagine this progress in my career without help of many people, who have been helping me as mentor and friend. I would take this opportunity to  thank following people for their consistent help and motivation [In no particular order ]

Finally I am very excited to work closely with customers, community and developers.

Feel free to reach me at


Keep reading my blog and wish me good luck for my new journey.

Presented in Mindcrcaker MVP Summit 2012

Second Mindcrcaker MVP summit held in Delhi from 6th April 2011 to 8th April 2011.Mindcracker MVP summit is yearly event hosted by to facilitate their MVP and one day regress technical sessions open for any aspired learner.

Find more details about summit here

Find summit Pics here

Some of the highlight of this event was as following,

  • Mindcrcaker launched all new version of
  • Mindcracker reached 2.2 Million users.
  • Mindcracker announced new Mindcracker User Groups
  • Awarded Mindcracker MVP

I was awarded as Mindcracker Member of the Year in Mindcracker MVP Summit 2012

In this event, I got opportunity to present on “Introducing Metro Application Development using HTML and JavaScript”. I tried to give my session more as demo oriented session.

If you want PPT and demo source code from the session then send me a mail at with Mindcracker in subject line.

Awarded with Microsoft MVP Award: 3rd time in Row


To My Blog Readers,

For me, “Microsoft MVP Award is not an Award rather it is a Responsibility


I am happy to announce to all my readers that I have been awarded as Microsoft MVP 3rd Time in row. This time also I have been awarded in discipline Connected System Development (CSD).

From 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012


I would take this opportunity to thank you my dear reader. I promise to serve and help you more in learning and developing throughout the coming years.


Any of your feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks with Regards

Dhananjay Kumar

Presented on Windows 8 at Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra 2012 Indore

I always love talking with students. I strongly believe they are having the energy and unbiased aspiration. In order to pursue my love of talking with students on 18th March 2012, I got an opportunity to present at Microsoft DreamSpark Yata 2012 Indore . Event was in DAVV Auditorium, Takshila Campus, Khandwa Road, Indore. Auditorium was adorable.


I got amazed seeing one of the most energetic crowds. Around morning 9 am more than 1500 students were in queue to get into the session hall. It was exciting being there and seeing students love for Microsoft technology.



It was tough to mange 1500 students but hats off to organizers and 15 MSP from Indore. They did a splendid job. A special thanks to Prateek, Ankur , all MSP and whole team.



Find more about event and organizers here

Day started with lighting the lamp. It was an honor sharing stage with HOD and other folks of such a reputed and esteems university.


After this my session started on Windows 8. I gave an overview of Windows 8 consumer preview, Metro guidelines, Picture Password, App Store etc. to the Students



After my session there was a session from Prabhjot Singh Bakshi on Windows Phone. He delivered an awesome session to highly energetic audience.



After that there was sponsors talk and closing note. It was great experience being there. Last but not least, I would like to thank all young students for attending, organizers for managing and sponsors. I am looking very forward to see you Indore again in future events.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available to Download


Folks on the leap day of lap year 2012 are you feeling Metrofied ? Certainly I am , Eventually we have got what we have been waiting since BUILD. Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available to download.

Download ISO image of Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here


Image taken from web.

As they are saying there are more than 10000 changes in consumer preview from the developer preview. Seems there are apps like Kindle, Dictionary etc. are there in the preview.

Download ISO image of Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here

Download Windows 8 and enjoy. I will be doing more developer centric blog post on the same in coming days.


Reviewing Programming Entity Framework : Code First by Julie Lerman and Rowan Miller


Title: Programming Entity Framework: Code First

Number of Pages < 200

Price: $9.99 Kindle Edition

      $21.59 Paperback

Buy here

I got an opportunity to get a copy of book Programming Entity Framework: Code First from well-known author, speaker and an authority on Entity Framework Julie Lerman . I was very excited to get book directly from the author. I got amazed seeing how skillfully and with dexterity both of the authors has written such an important and depth topic in less than 200 pages. Book contains all together 8 chapters and If you are developer working on database centric applications then this book is for you. This book focuses on Code First approach of architecting the application. While you flip through the pages of the books, you will experience the authority of Julie Lerman on the subject.

Before I go ahead and write my experience on this this awesome book, let me give a try to make you understand what is Code First?

Most popular way of architecting an application is to design database first. First you model the requirement into database and then using different API like ADO.Net or ORM like LINQ to SQL Class, NHibernate etc. work with the database. This approach of architecting an application is called as Database First Approach


In .NET 3.5 Microsoft came up with ADO.Net Entity Framework, It was helping developers to create conceptual model.

  • It was creating Conceptual model into XML File.
  • Extension of XML file is EDMX.
  • XML file can be seen in designer where developers can edit the design on conceptual model.

ADO.Net Entity Framework was working on concepts of Database first approach where conceptual model gets created on existing database.

One of the most popular ways of architecting your application is to have Model First. You may have mapped database requirement in a XML file and create database from the XML file. This approach of architecting database is called Model First Approach.


In Model first approach you can start working on project without having a database. You can design the conceptual model using Visual Studio designer and later database can be created from this conceptual model.

In .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft came up with new version of ADO.Net Entity Framework version 4.0 and it was supporting developers to architect their application as Model First approach.

Regardless of the approach you use in your application automatically lot of codes get created as classes and you work with the classes. Here comes a third way of creating Database and that is Code First approach. In this you model your requirement in plain classes and then databases gets created from these classes. Developers first create Domain Classes and then later database gets created from these domain classes.


In your application POCO classes are model and they are used to create the database. This approach of architecting an application is called “CODE FIRST”.

Now if you have a basic understanding of Code first approach after reading above paragraph then you should be thanking Julie Lerman rather me because my understating was based on first two paragraph of first chapter of book titled Programming Entity Framework: CODE FIRST

Table Of Contents


By seeing table of contents you must have got an idea that how useful this book would be if you are a developer working on Database centric applications.

About Authors


Julia Lerman is the leading independent authority on the Entity Framework and has been using and teaching the technology since its inception in 2006. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Programming Entity Framework, 1st and 2nd editions and is well known in the .NET community as a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, and INETA Speaker. Julia is a frequent presenter at technical conferences around the world and writes articles for many well-known technical publications including the Data Points column in MSDN Magazine. Julia blogs at

Rowan Miller is Program Manager in ADO.Net Entity Framework team at Microsoft.


I strongly suggest to you to read this book and take your expertise to next level. All 8 chapters’ of this book will help you to have a better understating on the Code First approach and codes samples will help you to understand better way of modeling your database from the code.

I have been awarded as Telerik MVP

What a morning it is! I am super excited to share that; I have been awarded as Telerik MVP


I got a mail from Holly Bertoncini community Relation Manager that I have been awarded as Telerik MVP. I am very excited to add one more MVP Title along with my name. This was never possible without unconditional support from you my readers.

My Telerik MVP Profile here

Thanks Note

This award was never possible without guidance and support of my dear friend Chris Eargle. Chris is Telerik Developer Evangelist, C#MVP, INETA Community champion and President of Columbia Enterprise Developer Guild.

I would also take this opportunity to thank Emily Jayne Hall for her continuous support. She is kind and great motivator. Emily is Community Program Manager at Telerik.

From community I would like to Thanks three wonderful people for their never ended support. Pinal Dave ,ShivPrasad Koirala and Abhishek Kant

About Telerik MVP Program


The Telerik MVP Program aims to recognize and reward the amazing people who are highly successful at their own jobs and yet find the time and energy to share their extensive knowledge and passion about Telerik products with fellow developers. The Telerik MVPs have been actively contributing to the evolution of our organization and spreading the word about our products to the community.

Read more about Telerik MVP Program

Benefit Of being Telerik MVP

  • Free licenses for Telerik products.
  • Involvement in product development.
  • First-hand look at Beta programs – you will be able to get the alphas, betas and pre-release builds of all Telerik products before anyone else.
  • Access to our internal MVP roadmap.
  • Direct communication channel with our product teams, you will have a chance to get to know the people that stand behind Telerik products and communicate directly with them.
  • Active community contributors will be invited to attend major conferences at our expense and be with us at the company booth.
  • Personal blog and spotlight posted on our website.
  • Exclusive discounts that can be passed on to colleagues including the ability to transfer available Telerik points to friends.
  • MVP SWAG packages sent to you twice a year with all kinds of awesome goodies.

Read more about benifits here

Last but not least I thank each one of your and hope to keep writing and helping you.