Angular Master class

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks to build web apps. This course by <geek97/> will help you to master everything you need to know to be a Job-Ready Angular Developer.

From mastering core concepts of Angular, you will also learn to create API in NodeJS, RxJS, and advanced concepts of Angular in this course.

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Total Lectures 15
Total Duration 30- 36 Hrs
Prerequisite Basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and web development
Difficulties Level 200-300
ModeOnline via Zoom. You need the Internet to attend
Fee8000 INR + 18% GST
For special need email

The class starts on 15 Aug 2020 and will be held daily at 9 PM IST or 7 AM IST. For the weekend there will be different timings.

Day 1 – Getting Started with Angular

  • Setting up environment
  • Creating first Angular App
  • Data Binding
    • Interpolation
    • Property binding
    • Event binding
    • Two-way data binding
  • Using directives
  • Using pipes
  • Creating custom pipe

Day 2 – Component Communication

  • Nesting Components
  • Communication with child component using @Input
  • Communication with parent component using @Output
  • Using Template Variables to interact with child components

Day 3 – Directives and ViewEncapsulation

  • Custom Attribute Directives
  • @HostBinding
  • @HostListener
  • Credit Card Custom Directives
  • Understanding Shadow DOM
  • Styling Components
  • Angular CSS Encapsulation

Day 4 – Dependency Injection and Services

  • Creating a service
  • Various ‘provideIn’ options
  • Singleton service
  • Treeshaking service
  • useValue
  • useClass
  • useFactory
  • useExisting
  • Global error handling

Day 5 – Dependency Injection and Services

  • Creating a service
    • Various ‘provideIn’ options
  • any
  • Service in Lazy Loaded Modules

Day 6 – Getting Started with Reactive Forms

  • FormControl
  • FormBuilder
  • FormGroup

Day 7 – Reactive Forms Continued

  • Subscribing to value change
  • Validation
  • Custom Validation
  • Dynamic Controls using FormArray

Day 8 – Creating API in Node.js

  • Configuring modules in NodeJS
  • Configuring SQL Server
  • Creating Node JS application for CRUD operations with SQL Server
  • Creating REST API using Express JS
  • Testing API using Postman

Day 9     –   Understanding RxJS

  • Observable
  • Observer
  • Operators
  • Subjects,
  • BehaviorSubject,
  • AsynSubject,
  • ReplaySubject

Day 10     –   Using API in Angular

  • Reading data in Angular app
  • Creating data
  • Editing Data
  • Deleting data

Day 11 – Using Interceptors

  • Create a normal Interceptor to change HTTP to HTTPS
  • Caching of the response
  • Adding request headers such as authorization or any custom header for all outgoing requests.
  • Handling HTTP response error
  • Manipulating the URL
  • Authentication for every ongoing request etc.

Day 12  – Routings

  • Creating Routing
  • Routing Parameters
  • Snapshot and observable approach
  • Optional Route Parameters
  • Query Parameters
  • Data using Route Resolver
  • Creating Child Routes
  • Secondary Routes
  • Route Guards
  • Lazy Loading

Day 13 – Change Detection and async pipe

  • What is change detection
  • Default strategy
  • onPush strategy
  • using observable
  • async pipe
  • detach
  • reattach
  • markForCheck
  • detectChanges

Day 14 – Dynamic loading Components

  • Dynamic Component Loading
  • Dynamic Module Loading
  • Dynamic loading external library

Day 15 – Angular Elements

  • Convert Angular Component to Angular Elements
    • Working with @Input and @Output in Angular Element
    • Content projection with slot in Angular Element
    • Packaging Angular Element


  • Slack channel for discussions
  • E-Certificate to attendees
  • Quiz Project
  • Reference to various Angular job.

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About the Teacher

Dhananjay Kumar is a well-known trainer with around 750 Hrs of experience of teaching Angular to students from various backgrounds. His clientele includes but not limited to Aristocrat, NRI, Bethel, Times Now, Acheron, AIS, and, etc.

Dhananjay is a prolific tech writer with around 1000 articles in his credit, exemplary speaker with about 75 talks, and author of the best-selling book, Angular Essentials.

For his contributions to the developer community, Dhananjay is awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award 11 times and recognized as a Developer Expert in Angular by Google.

Dhananjay is also the founder of <geek97/>, which enables developers to be job-ready, and creator of India’s Largest Angular Conference, ng-India.



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See you in the class.