Completed 11 Years working in the Industry


I am very excited to share that today I completed 11 years working in the industry. It has been a learning and good challenging journey for me. During last 11 years, I have lived in three different cities and worked on six different technologies. I started my career as Software Engineer and currently working as a Developer Advocate for Infragistics.


Below in tabular form you can find my work experiences:


Besides working for various organization, since very beginning of my career, I have been writing articles. So far, in last 11 years I have authored more than 900 articles. You can read them on my blog:

I also authored a book on Angular called Angular Essentials.


In India, you can get it here:

Outside India, you can get it here :

Due to my contributions, Microsoft awarded me prestigious Microsoft MVP Award on 1 April 2010. Since then, I have been getting Microsoft MVP Award each year. So far, I have been awarded 9 times. You can find my MVP profile here:


After getting Microsoft MVP Award, I started participating as speakers. I got chance to speak in various Microsoft User Group meets and conferences. So far, in last 11 years, I have delivered 77 free talks or workshops. You can find details about them here:

In 2016, I founded offline community geek97 , thorough that we hosted free workshops  in various Indian cities. We also mentor young talent to become speaker and community contributor.

Geek97 also organizes India’s largest Angular Conference ng-India . You can see summary video of last ng-India here:


I have been enjoying working with Infragistics for last 4 years, and in coming years, I am aspired to work on JavaScript language, PWA, Angular and AI. I hope, I am able to add values in your professional life through my evangelism, writing, teaching, and ng-India.


Dhananjay Kumar

Winner of 9 Microsoft MVP Awards

Organizer ng-India

Video – Arrow Function in JavaScript

Arrow function was introduced in ECMA 6.  It is different than function statement or expression , as it does not have its own ‘this’ , and can also not be used as constructor.  Some important points about Arrow function are:

  • It does not have prototype property
  • It does not have arguments parameter
  • It does not have its own ‘this’
  • It can not be used with new operator

I have written a detailed article on Arrow function here :

Watch this video to learn more about Arrow function


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20 JavaScript articles to brush up your JavaScript language

I have been evangelist of JavaScript and Angular for some time now. Below, I am consolidating 20 JavaScript articles written by me. These articles will help you in understanding basic language construct of JavaScript. Topics like objects, hoisting, functions etc. are covered in these articles. Let me know how you find them.


1. How to Count the Number of Properties of the JavaScript Object

2. Four Ways to Create Objects in JavaScript

3. What are the Call and Apply Methods?

4. Simplifying function expressions and the function statement

5. Class in JavaScript

6. What are Template Literals?

7. What are getters and setters?

8. Arrow functions in JavaScript

9. Simplifying function hoisting

10. What is the arguments object in a function

11. What is a Default Parameter in a Function?

12. Learn the “let” Statement

13. How to create constants in JavaScript?

14. How to print or enumerate properties of a JavaScript object?

15. How to locate a particular object in a JavaScript Array

16. What are Closures in JavaScript?

17. Simplifying Objects, Inheritance and prototype in JavaScript

18. 11 Things About JavaScript Functions that .NET Developers Should Know: Part 1

19. 11 things about JavaScript functions that .NET developers should know: Part 2

20. Objects in JavaScript for .NET developers

I hope these two articles will help you in getting along with JavaScript. Have comment or feedback tweet me at @debug_mode.

Hosted 11th free Angular session


On 13 January 2018, geek97 hosted 11th free session on Angular in Gurgaon. You can find detail of meetup here

Around 35 senior Angular Developers attended the meetup and Dhananjay Kumar delivered the sessions. There were two sessions:

Component Communications

  1. @Input
  2. @Output
  3. EventEmitter
  4. Temp Ref variable

Reactive Forms

  1. FormControl
  2. FormGroup
  3. Validation
  4. Custom Validation

You can learn in details about these topics here:

Understanding @Output and EventEmitter in Angular

How to Create Your First Angular Reactive Form

Communication Between Components Using @Input() in Angular


We look forward to host next Angular meetup on first Saturday of February. In addition, have you checked ng-India, India Angular Conference?

Join geek97 meetup group here

geek97 hosted Angular workshop for girls students

I am very pleased to share that on 16 November 2017, geek97 hosted a free workshop on Angular for Girls Students of Indira Gandhi Delhi technical University for Women, Delhi.


The workshop was attended by around 40 energetic and super talented girls from Computer Science Engineering and MCA department.


Every student were writing codes and there was great synergy all around. We started with installing NodeJS, Visual Studio Code, and Angular CLI. Once all machines were ready, following topics were covered in the workshop,

  • · What is SPA
  • · Difference between AngularJS and Angular
  • · Using Angular CLI
  • · Creating Components
  • · Data Bindings
  • · Creating a Product App


There were happiness on the face of students and satisfaction of writing codes and seeing their application running .


Teaching these young students was very learning experience for me. I learnt how to be more passionate and pledge to help more girls’ students to success in technology landscape.


This workshop was never possible without help of Sakshi Jain and her team. I thank core team for their all help and invitation.


If you want me to geek97 to host similar type of workshops or learning sessions for your college or team feel free to contact me.