First look of book: Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET by Glenn Block

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You become what you read

In this era of Kindle, tablets and EBooks, I proudly consider myself as real book lover. I get more connected to real book than any EBook on any trendy device. In order to purse my passion of collecting good books, toady I got WEB APIs book with ASP.NET by Glenn Block. Even before I start learning from this book, I am sure this book will teach me many good things about HTTP, REST and WEB API.

I got book delivered from Amazon this afternoon. It is summer in Delhi and the Sun it at its best yielding temperature 45 degree centigrade. I had to go out in this weather to collect book but trust me it was worth going out.


I thank from bottom of heart to Glenn Block for this wonderful gift. I can’t express in words that how I am going to enjoy and learn this book.

This book got great credential since it is authored by veterans like Glenn Block Pablo Cibraro pedro Felix Howard Dierking Darrel Miller


In India order this book from Amazon here

There are 17 chapters in this book. They are as follows,

  1. The Internet , the World Wide Web , and HTTP
  2. Web APIs
  3. ASP.NET Web API 101
  4. Processing Architecture
  5. The Application
  6. Media Type Selection and Design
  7. Building the API
  8. Improving the API
  9. Building the Client
  10. The HTTP Programming Model
  11. Hosting
  12. Controllers and Routing
  13. Formatters and Model Binding
  14. HTTP Client
  15. Security
  16. The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework
  17. Testability

I am fortunate to see evolution of WCF SOAP to WCF REST to Web API. I have not started reading yet but at the very high level I perceive this book as one of the greatest guide to learn HTTP Services. This book helps to create Web APIs harnessing the power of HTTP. I strongly recommend this book, if you are willing to create REST Services.

Our hero Scott Guthrie is also impressed by this book and he has said something like below about this book,


So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your copy and start learning and coding. Great job by Glenn and other authors.

In India order this book from Amazon here

Reviewing Programming Entity Framework : Code First by Julie Lerman and Rowan Miller


Title: Programming Entity Framework: Code First

Number of Pages < 200

Price: $9.99 Kindle Edition

      $21.59 Paperback

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I got an opportunity to get a copy of book Programming Entity Framework: Code First from well-known author, speaker and an authority on Entity Framework Julie Lerman . I was very excited to get book directly from the author. I got amazed seeing how skillfully and with dexterity both of the authors has written such an important and depth topic in less than 200 pages. Book contains all together 8 chapters and If you are developer working on database centric applications then this book is for you. This book focuses on Code First approach of architecting the application. While you flip through the pages of the books, you will experience the authority of Julie Lerman on the subject.

Before I go ahead and write my experience on this this awesome book, let me give a try to make you understand what is Code First?

Most popular way of architecting an application is to design database first. First you model the requirement into database and then using different API like ADO.Net or ORM like LINQ to SQL Class, NHibernate etc. work with the database. This approach of architecting an application is called as Database First Approach


In .NET 3.5 Microsoft came up with ADO.Net Entity Framework, It was helping developers to create conceptual model.

  • It was creating Conceptual model into XML File.
  • Extension of XML file is EDMX.
  • XML file can be seen in designer where developers can edit the design on conceptual model.

ADO.Net Entity Framework was working on concepts of Database first approach where conceptual model gets created on existing database.

One of the most popular ways of architecting your application is to have Model First. You may have mapped database requirement in a XML file and create database from the XML file. This approach of architecting database is called Model First Approach.


In Model first approach you can start working on project without having a database. You can design the conceptual model using Visual Studio designer and later database can be created from this conceptual model.

In .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft came up with new version of ADO.Net Entity Framework version 4.0 and it was supporting developers to architect their application as Model First approach.

Regardless of the approach you use in your application automatically lot of codes get created as classes and you work with the classes. Here comes a third way of creating Database and that is Code First approach. In this you model your requirement in plain classes and then databases gets created from these classes. Developers first create Domain Classes and then later database gets created from these domain classes.


In your application POCO classes are model and they are used to create the database. This approach of architecting an application is called “CODE FIRST”.

Now if you have a basic understanding of Code first approach after reading above paragraph then you should be thanking Julie Lerman rather me because my understating was based on first two paragraph of first chapter of book titled Programming Entity Framework: CODE FIRST

Table Of Contents


By seeing table of contents you must have got an idea that how useful this book would be if you are a developer working on Database centric applications.

About Authors


Julia Lerman is the leading independent authority on the Entity Framework and has been using and teaching the technology since its inception in 2006. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Programming Entity Framework, 1st and 2nd editions and is well known in the .NET community as a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, and INETA Speaker. Julia is a frequent presenter at technical conferences around the world and writes articles for many well-known technical publications including the Data Points column in MSDN Magazine. Julia blogs at

Rowan Miller is Program Manager in ADO.Net Entity Framework team at Microsoft.


I strongly suggest to you to read this book and take your expertise to next level. All 8 chapters’ of this book will help you to have a better understating on the Code First approach and codes samples will help you to understand better way of modeling your database from the code.

New Microsoft Press Book: XAML Developer Reference by Mamta D

Book at Amazon

XAML is everywhere. Whether you are developing for Windows Phone 7, WPF, Silverlight or Windows 8, you need to have sound understanding of XAML. If you are looking to learn XAML in a systematic way then this book is for you.


This book is published by Microsoft Press and authored by Mamta D and Ashish Ghoda.

You can buy this book from here

This book may be your expert guide to designing and building dynamic user interfaces

Sharpen your application design and development skills using XAML—the declarative markup language used in Microsoft® Silverlight®, Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF), and the Windows 8 Runtime APIs. Led by two XAML experts, you’ll learn practical ways to build rich, interactive user interfaces with data integration capabilities and support for multimedia, graphics, and animation. This hands-on guide is ideal for Microsoft .NET developers and web designers alike.

Discover how to:

  • Control UI behavior and implement business logic with code-behind solutions
  • Manage UI element positioning with the XAML layout system
  • Use templates to customize UI elements—without affecting their functionality
  • Apply different types of property and event systems in WPF and Silverlight
  • Bind various kinds of data to your UI, and display them in the format you want
  • Implement 2D and 3D vector graphics and animations

Something about Authors

Mamta D

Mamta is senior community member and writes on various technologies. For her update you can follow her at  TWITTER

Ashish Ghoda

Awarded with British Computer Society (BCS) Fellowship, ASHISH GHODA is a customer-focused and business values-driven senior IT executive with over 15 years of IT leadership, technical and financial management, and enterprise architect experience. Read more about Ashish  here

I strongly recommend this book. Go and get you copy from here


Unpacking Book Authored and Autographed by Pinal Dave

It was month of July, when I was in flight with Pinal Dave sir from Bangalore to Kolkata. Both we were travelling to present in Kolkata community tech days.

Pinal Dave sir in flight to Kolkata


I consider him as my one of the inspiration. Hence I was asking many questions to him related to blogs, presenting, community and taking me further as blogger. In discussion I popped to him, “Sir when you are going to author a book? “ He replied with smile “would you read if I will write a book? “ I replied “Who won’t read sir? “, with his humble voice and kind smile he told me that day that he was working on authoring. To my surprise in last 3 months his two books got published and I always wonder how much he works? In recent time he authored below two books along with continuity of his daily blog posts.


When his first book got published, I gave him a call to congratulate. In that call, I requested him to send me copy of his book with his signature on book. Because I always wanted to keep book autographed and authored by him with myself for motivation and inspiration. He agreed to send. Today afternoon I got this awesome gift from him. Below are few pic of book sent by him.




If you want to know more about these books, please refer below blog post written by Pinal Dave sir himself on his blog.

Flipkart Amazon

SQLAuthority News – Book Signing Event – SQLPASS 2011 Event Log

SQLAuthority News – SQL Server Wait Stats – eBook to Download on Kindle – Answer to FREE PDF Download Request

I would take this opportunity to thanks Pinal Dave sir for all his support to community and his inspirational persona.

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.NET 4 for Enterprise Architects and Developers by Sudhanshu Hate

Book at Amazon

A book by  Infosys Press  and Foreword by Kris Gopalakrishnan image


Are you a Developer? Are you an Architect?

Then this book is for you Smile

This book is written by industry veteran Sudhanshu Hate and Suchi Paharia. Both authors have articulated their real time experience in simple words suited to both developer and architect community. Still book is yet to be out and I strongly recommend you to have a tryst with this to get yourself to the next level either as developer or architect.

Authors has divided the work in various chapters as below,


As early reader of this book, I find it worth reading. Some of esteemed advanced reader given their verdict as below,

  • presents broad and deep coverage of key technologies released as part of .NET Framework   : Kris Gopalakrishnan, Executive Co-Chairman, Chairperson, Executive Council of Infosys Ltd


  • the authors introduce us to new features of .NET, provide deep insights into it, and explain how it can be applied in enterprise application development scenarios. … highly recommended  :  Naveen Kumar, Principal Architect, Microsoft Technology Center, Infosys Ltd


  • excellent in-depth coverage of .NET Framework 4 :Subu Goparaju, Senior Vice President, Head of Infosys Labs, Infosys Ltd


  • The book not only helps build in-depth understanding into .NET Framework 4 technologies … but also presents our insights and points of view to help you succeed by making the right choices. Join us as we embark on this fascinating exploration. Happy reading! :Prasad Joshi, Vice President, Infosys Labs, Infosys Ltd.


Product Details on Amazon

  • Hardcover: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Auerbach Publications; 1 edition (Nov 21 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1439862931
  • ISBN-13: 978-1439862933


Sudhanshu Hate

Senior Architect, Microsoft Technology Center, Infosys Technologies


With 13 years of experience, Sudhanshu is currently focusing on Windows Communication and Workflow Foundation technologies from the .Net 3.5 and 4.0 stack. Previously, Sudhanshu has led solution architecture and development teams on Legacy Modernization and Business Intelligence and was also instrumental in taking Infosys’ Catalytic IT solutions to customers in EMEA.


It is always great pleasure, responsibility, fear, aspiration (put all the emotion you can think of here  Smile )to having your coffee daily with geeks of stature of author of this book. I proudly share and work for the same team as of the author. Take my word my dear readers you will not regret and find absolute value of your money buying and reading this book  Smile

Take care till next post ;Happy coding Smile


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