Free Download – Angular Essentials E-Book to help you getting started

Are you new to Angular and just starting with it? Well, I have written a small eBook for you, which you may find useful.

You can download it free from here


This book does not contain everything of Angular. It just contains topic you need to get started with Angular.

In these 10 pages E-Book, you will learn about:

  1. Angular’s basic architecture: NgModules, Components, Templates, Directives, Two-way Data Binding, Services, Dependency Injection, and Routing
  2. Setting up an environment: Downloading Angular with the Angular CLI tool; must have Node.js and npm installed
  3. Components: What you see in the browser. Consists of the following parts: a TypeScript class called the Component Class, an HTML file called the template of the component, and an optional CSS file for styling the component
  4. Data binding: Determines how data will flow in between the component class and component template
  5. Component communication: For sharing data (object, string, number, array, HTML)
  6. Directives: Creating DOM elements and changing their structure or behavior in an Angular application

Download it free from here

As I told you, this book is only 10 pages long and it contains basic minimum you need to get started with Angular. Currently I am writing a complete Angular Essentials Book, send me your feedback and I will try to incorporate them. You can reach me at debugmode[at]outlook[dot]com

I hope you find Angular Essentials Ref Card useful. Thanks!

Presented: Windows 8 App Development for web Developer

I had an opportunity to present on “Windows 8 App Development for Web Developers” at Microsoft Gurgaon on 13th October 2012. It was nice experience presenting in front of more than 125 enthusiast audiences.

I presented on the topic “Windows 8 App Development for Web Developers” and shown demos on

  1. Migrating CSS based HTML Web Application to Windows 8 Application
  2. Understanding App Package
  3. Understanding different capabilities
  4. Understating different Development options
  5. Create “Netflix Movie Explorer” App for Windows Store

Read step by step documentation shown in this demo

Please find below slides from the presentation,

Thanks for attending the presentation.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available to Download


Folks on the leap day of lap year 2012 are you feeling Metrofied ? Certainly I am , Eventually we have got what we have been waiting since BUILD. Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available to download.

Download ISO image of Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here


Image taken from web.

As they are saying there are more than 10000 changes in consumer preview from the developer preview. Seems there are apps like Kindle, Dictionary etc. are there in the preview.

Download ISO image of Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here

Download Windows 8 and enjoy. I will be doing more developer centric blog post on the same in coming days.