Completed one Year at Telerik

I am happy to share with each one of you that I have completed 1 year working for esteem organization Telerik



I joined Telerik on 2nd July 2012 as their second employee in India. Journey from Developer to Evangelist has been exciting so far. As part of my job responsibility I focused on Mobile and Device technologies along with our Automated Testing tool Test Studio. I mainly focus on evangelizing following products,

  • Dev Tools for WPF , Windows 8 , Windows Phone
  • Icenium
  • Kendo UI
  • Test Studio

I must say I am in love of my job and you can read my blog on Telerik products here and can reach me at

My organization gave me ample opportunity to help community. Along with my job as part of my community engagement in last 1 year (1st July 2012 to 30th June 2013) I contributed 102 blog posts and spoke /organized in 23 events all across India.



I am excited for future. I thank each one of your for your support. Committed to help you through blog posts and speaking.

Joined Telerik India as Customer Advocate

Before I start this post a special thanks to Julie Lerman and Chris Eargle , for all their support in chasing my aspiration of Telerik.

I am excited to share with you that I have joined Telerik India as Customer Advocate. I will be working from Delhi/NCR region. And I will be reporting to Abhishek Kant (Country Manager, Telerik India).  I thank Abhishek Kant , John Bristowe and Stephen Forte for their confidence in me for this job.


As Customer Advocate I will be working very closely with Developers and Customers using Telerik products. I will take developers input on products and convey that to development team to make products better and more useful.

For illustration some of my work will be as following,

  • I will work with customers closely to understand their development eco system and help them solving their problems.
  • I will create awareness in Developer community about Telerik Products by creating demos, samples etc
  • I will be authoring whitepapers, blogs, articles etc.
  • I will be conducting trainings, sessions etc. on Telerik products.
  • I will convey information about any new or existing Telerik Product to bloggers, Tech Writers and Community leaders.

In nutshell, I will be responsible for educating developers, customers about Telerik products and helping development team to understand more about developer community and market trend on the products.

I am very happy and excited for this role since I have been aspired for this type of work from very beginning of my career. I cannot imagine this progress in my career without help of many people, who have been helping me as mentor and friend. I would take this opportunity to  thank following people for their consistent help and motivation [In no particular order ]

Finally I am very excited to work closely with customers, community and developers.

Feel free to reach me at


Keep reading my blog and wish me good luck for my new journey.

Some Important Points from "Software Kaizen: Kanban explained " session from Stephen Forte


  • Kaizen-to make better , continuous improvement from the lean manufacturing movement at Toyota
  • Kaizen is the way to self-criticized your work then group work
  • The agile manifesto is statement of values.
  • we value individuals and their view first over processes
  • Agile is about values not rules and rigid adherence process
  • Agile is about embracing change
  • Agile Methods XP [Past], SCRUM [Present] , Kanban [future] .
  • Kanban focus on visualization and raw materials
  • Kanban is Japanese word for "signal card" .Kaizen promotes continuous improvement
  • Kanban is about flow. Communication is about flow. Change is built into model .
  • In Kanban organize a queue. Limit Work in Progress (WIP) for each queue. There is no Sprints.


Core Practices in KanBan

  • Define and visualize the workflow
  • Limit work in progress
  • Measure and Manage flow
  • Make Process Policies Explicit
  • Use Models to suggest improvement

Building Kanban Process

Process #1

  •  Define a Process Flow
  • Identify queues
  • Visualize it on board

Process #2

  • Set your first work in progress limits
  • First time you may have to guess

Process #3

  • Break down each item to about the same size
  • Pull the first items through the system
  • Define how long it takes to pull an item through the system

Process #4

  • Establish a delivery cadence
  • Establish regular meetings/reviews

Process #5

  • Constantly improve your process
  • Daily meeting facing the board to evaluate your flow
  • Continue to tweak the WIP limits and queue
  • Formalize the improvement process

I hope this quick post is useful to you. Thanks for reading.

I have been awarded as Telerik MVP

What a morning it is! I am super excited to share that; I have been awarded as Telerik MVP


I got a mail from Holly Bertoncini community Relation Manager that I have been awarded as Telerik MVP. I am very excited to add one more MVP Title along with my name. This was never possible without unconditional support from you my readers.

My Telerik MVP Profile here

Thanks Note

This award was never possible without guidance and support of my dear friend Chris Eargle. Chris is Telerik Developer Evangelist, C#MVP, INETA Community champion and President of Columbia Enterprise Developer Guild.

I would also take this opportunity to thank Emily Jayne Hall for her continuous support. She is kind and great motivator. Emily is Community Program Manager at Telerik.

From community I would like to Thanks three wonderful people for their never ended support. Pinal Dave ,ShivPrasad Koirala and Abhishek Kant

About Telerik MVP Program


The Telerik MVP Program aims to recognize and reward the amazing people who are highly successful at their own jobs and yet find the time and energy to share their extensive knowledge and passion about Telerik products with fellow developers. The Telerik MVPs have been actively contributing to the evolution of our organization and spreading the word about our products to the community.

Read more about Telerik MVP Program

Benefit Of being Telerik MVP

  • Free licenses for Telerik products.
  • Involvement in product development.
  • First-hand look at Beta programs – you will be able to get the alphas, betas and pre-release builds of all Telerik products before anyone else.
  • Access to our internal MVP roadmap.
  • Direct communication channel with our product teams, you will have a chance to get to know the people that stand behind Telerik products and communicate directly with them.
  • Active community contributors will be invited to attend major conferences at our expense and be with us at the company booth.
  • Personal blog and spotlight posted on our website.
  • Exclusive discounts that can be passed on to colleagues including the ability to transfer available Telerik points to friends.
  • MVP SWAG packages sent to you twice a year with all kinds of awesome goodies.

Read more about benifits here

Last but not least I thank each one of your and hope to keep writing and helping you.