Presented on Windows 8 at Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra 2012 Indore

I always love talking with students. I strongly believe they are having the energy and unbiased aspiration. In order to pursue my love of talking with students on 18th March 2012, I got an opportunity to present at Microsoft DreamSpark Yata 2012 Indore . Event was in DAVV Auditorium, Takshila Campus, Khandwa Road, Indore. Auditorium was adorable.


I got amazed seeing one of the most energetic crowds. Around morning 9 am more than 1500 students were in queue to get into the session hall. It was exciting being there and seeing students love for Microsoft technology.



It was tough to mange 1500 students but hats off to organizers and 15 MSP from Indore. They did a splendid job. A special thanks to Prateek, Ankur , all MSP and whole team.



Find more about event and organizers here

Day started with lighting the lamp. It was an honor sharing stage with HOD and other folks of such a reputed and esteems university.


After this my session started on Windows 8. I gave an overview of Windows 8 consumer preview, Metro guidelines, Picture Password, App Store etc. to the Students



After my session there was a session from Prabhjot Singh Bakshi on Windows Phone. He delivered an awesome session to highly energetic audience.



After that there was sponsors talk and closing note. It was great experience being there. Last but not least, I would like to thank all young students for attending, organizers for managing and sponsors. I am looking very forward to see you Indore again in future events.

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