Some Important Points from "Software Kaizen: Kanban explained " session from Stephen Forte


  • Kaizen-to make better , continuous improvement from the lean manufacturing movement at Toyota
  • Kaizen is the way to self-criticized your work then group work
  • The agile manifesto is statement of values.
  • we value individuals and their view first over processes
  • Agile is about values not rules and rigid adherence process
  • Agile is about embracing change
  • Agile Methods XP [Past], SCRUM [Present] , Kanban [future] .
  • Kanban focus on visualization and raw materials
  • Kanban is Japanese word for "signal card" .Kaizen promotes continuous improvement
  • Kanban is about flow. Communication is about flow. Change is built into model .
  • In Kanban organize a queue. Limit Work in Progress (WIP) for each queue. There is no Sprints.


Core Practices in KanBan

  • Define and visualize the workflow
  • Limit work in progress
  • Measure and Manage flow
  • Make Process Policies Explicit
  • Use Models to suggest improvement

Building Kanban Process

Process #1

  •  Define a Process Flow
  • Identify queues
  • Visualize it on board

Process #2

  • Set your first work in progress limits
  • First time you may have to guess

Process #3

  • Break down each item to about the same size
  • Pull the first items through the system
  • Define how long it takes to pull an item through the system

Process #4

  • Establish a delivery cadence
  • Establish regular meetings/reviews

Process #5

  • Constantly improve your process
  • Daily meeting facing the board to evaluate your flow
  • Continue to tweak the WIP limits and queue
  • Formalize the improvement process

I hope this quick post is useful to you. Thanks for reading.

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