Some Important Points from Design for Windows Phone Developer session from Bijoy Singhal


I attended session of Bijoy Singhal on Design for Windows Phone Developer. I captured some of the points from that session as below

IT has been moved from office to home and in between ;

  • Smartphone is not a tiny desktop
  • Phone usage pattern different from desktop
  • You don’t want to create app that wont be used after 1st time
  • As a developer start putting effort in design
  • Good design = ease of use + experience (functionality, useful,delightful )
  • Good design is personal
  • Good design is differential between two apps
  • Metro : Content over Chrome
  • Metro : Navigation
  • Metro : Lite & Simple Tiles
  • Metro : Typography
  • Metro design is large extent inspired by transportation industry
  • Metro is not just about putting square boxes , it is about performance also
  • Metro discourage to use buttons
  • In Windows Phone you do not exit from any random page
  • Shrinking everything does not make better app
  • Chrome is not information but the beauty aspect of the application.
  • all the font in Windows Phone are SIGO font
  • Motion in Windows Phone design : Turnstile ,Contriumm, Swivel, slide
  • Tilt effect to show response to user.

Some Important Points from “SQL Misconceptions” Session from Pinal Dave and Vinod Kumar


I attended session of Pinal Dave and Vinod Kumar on SQL Misconceptions. Few of points from that session is as following

  1. SET ROWCOUNT and TOP and OrderBy is not same.
  2. Set RowCount , Top and OrdetBy gives different execution plan
  3. Misconception is Cluster Index gives the result out in Order. It sort and gives result
  4. Seems due to parallelism Cluster Index does not gives result in order
  5. Cluster Index assure u sorted result only if you are explicitly using order by in the query
  6. Precision of small DateTime 31 sec rounded to next minute and 29 sec gets truncated to orevious minute
  7. As of textbook cluster index physically store the data.
  8. Cluster Index does not store in physical order
  9. Go 10 will run 10 times
  10. In simple recovery model your transaction log is as big as longest transaction run in the system.


I hope this quick post is useful. Thanks for reading.

Some Important Points from "Software Kaizen: Kanban explained " session from Stephen Forte


  • Kaizen-to make better , continuous improvement from the lean manufacturing movement at Toyota
  • Kaizen is the way to self-criticized your work then group work
  • The agile manifesto is statement of values.
  • we value individuals and their view first over processes
  • Agile is about values not rules and rigid adherence process
  • Agile is about embracing change
  • Agile Methods XP [Past], SCRUM [Present] , Kanban [future] .
  • Kanban focus on visualization and raw materials
  • Kanban is Japanese word for "signal card" .Kaizen promotes continuous improvement
  • Kanban is about flow. Communication is about flow. Change is built into model .
  • In Kanban organize a queue. Limit Work in Progress (WIP) for each queue. There is no Sprints.


Core Practices in KanBan

  • Define and visualize the workflow
  • Limit work in progress
  • Measure and Manage flow
  • Make Process Policies Explicit
  • Use Models to suggest improvement

Building Kanban Process

Process #1

  •  Define a Process Flow
  • Identify queues
  • Visualize it on board

Process #2

  • Set your first work in progress limits
  • First time you may have to guess

Process #3

  • Break down each item to about the same size
  • Pull the first items through the system
  • Define how long it takes to pull an item through the system

Process #4

  • Establish a delivery cadence
  • Establish regular meetings/reviews

Process #5

  • Constantly improve your process
  • Daily meeting facing the board to evaluate your flow
  • Continue to tweak the WIP limits and queue
  • Formalize the improvement process

I hope this quick post is useful to you. Thanks for reading.