Hosted Angular Bootcamp in Jabalpur for Taritas software

Angular is becoming more popular with each passing day in India. Companies of different sizes are using it to deliver the project for their customers.  One such company Taritas  . They have offices at multiple locations and with clients all across the world.

They invited me on 21-22 September to host a 16 hrs long Bootcamp for their engineers on Angular.

In the Bootcamp, we covered the following topics

  • Data Binding
  • Component Communications
  • Custom Attribute Directives
  • Pipe and async pipe
  • Reactive Forms
  • Change Detection
  • Services and Providers
  • Sharing data using subjects
  • Data-driven strategies and async pipe
  • Lazy loading
  • Best practices

The engineers of Taritas were very motivated after becoming geek97 certified Angular Developer.

Some of the testimonials from the attendees was,

“It was our pleasure to attend the training on Angular by super talented DJ this session was very interactive and easy to understand …. We had an amazing experience
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us 😊”

~Prati Tembhre


“Got a chance to attend DJs 16 hours training program on Angular 8 and that was a very informative session. Everything was explained in such an interesting way that the topics or concepts seemed to be simple and easy to catch. Would love to be a part of such sessions again 😊”

~ Meenal Tiwari

“A Big Thanks to DJ Sir For inspiring us to learn Angular and JavaScript.
His workshop was filled with knowledge and Positivity.
Thanks a lot for training us.”

~Shubham Pawaiya


After 16 hrs, we had open discussions and certificate distributions.

Also, they are hiring more Angular developers. To know more about the opportunity reach out to me. I thank Supreet, Neha, Atul, Varun, Shilpi, and the whole team for this opportunity and hospitality.

To hose similar workshops for your team reach me at debugmode[at]



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