Video – Step by Step using TypeScript in a Node.js Application

This video explains steps to use TypeScript in a Node.js application.

You can read step by step article on the same here –  here

Download source code from here


To start with create a folder and run npm init command inside the folder. After that install these dependencies,

  •  npm install -D typescript
  • npm install -D tslint
  • npm install express -S
  • npm install @types/express -D

To follow steps read article here

4 responses to “Video – Step by Step using TypeScript in a Node.js Application”

  1. I am working on Typescript with web application(.net framework) but whenever I install request using any method (npm i request, nuget Package…) all other files d.ts gets errors (like bool not define etc…) I want the app to interact with DB for getting data and process and save it to DB again. I am using studio 2017. Can you guide me how to install request without Errors? that will be great if you can send me a small project say login.

    Help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
    Nishant Vyas

  2. […] Step by Step using TypeScript in a Node.js Application – Dhananjay Kumar […]

  3. Why does every article on using TypeScript in node assume I’m going to be building a web server? I just want to be able to build little command-line utilities to automate common tasks.

  4. Dhananjay Kumar , Microsoft MVP , Trainer and Consultant

    That is true. Let me create one video creating the command line tool

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