Master JavaScript ‘this’ in 30 Mins

Do you know, there are four ways to calculate the value of 'this' inside a JavaScript function?  Some pointers about 'this'  Every function has it's own 'this' An arrow function does not have it's own 'this'The value of 'this' depends on, how that function is called. The value of 'this does not depend on how the function … Continue reading Master JavaScript ‘this’ in 30 Mins

Angular Interview : is Angular Service Singleton ?

One of the most popular Angular interview questions is, whether a service is singleton? By default, when you create a service using the below CLI command, ng g s app AppService is singleton, however it can be re-provided to create more objects of it. Say, you again re provide AppService in one of the components, … Continue reading Angular Interview : is Angular Service Singleton ?

Closures in JavaScript: Video

A JavaScript closure is a function which remembers the environment in which it was created. We can think of it as an object with one method and private variables. JavaScript closures are a special kind of object which contains the function and the local scope of the function with all the variables (environment) when the … Continue reading Closures in JavaScript: Video

Video – Step by Step Create Node.js REST API with SQL Server Database

In this video, learn to create a Node.js API to perform CRUD operations on a database in SQL Server. You can find the source code here : For notifications of the further videos, subscribe to the <geek97/> Youtube channel here :