Video – Step by Step Create Node.js REST API with SQL Server Database

In this video, learn to create a Node.js API to perform CRUD operations on a database in SQL Server. You can find the source code here : For notifications of the further videos, subscribe to the <geek97/> Youtube channel here :

Video – Step by Step using TypeScript in a Node.js Application

This video explains steps to use TypeScript in a Node.js application. You can read step by step article on the same here -  here Download source code from here   To start with create a folder and run npm init command inside the folder. After that install these dependencies,  npm install -D typescript npm install … Continue reading Video – Step by Step using TypeScript in a Node.js Application

Presented in ng-India 2019

ng-India is India’s largest conference on Angular and JavaScript. It happened on 23 Feb in Gurgaon, India and was attended by around 350 developers around India. There were speakers from all across world teaching on various topics such as Ivy rendering, Webpack, RxJS, Change Detection in Angular, Directives, ViewEncapsulation, ngRx etc. I also had an … Continue reading Presented in ng-India 2019