Some Important Points from Design for Windows Phone Developer session from Bijoy Singhal


I attended session of Bijoy Singhal on Design for Windows Phone Developer. I captured some of the points from that session as below

IT has been moved from office to home and in between ;

  • Smartphone is not a tiny desktop
  • Phone usage pattern different from desktop
  • You don’t want to create app that wont be used after 1st time
  • As a developer start putting effort in design
  • Good design = ease of use + experience (functionality, useful,delightful )
  • Good design is personal
  • Good design is differential between two apps
  • Metro : Content over Chrome
  • Metro : Navigation
  • Metro : Lite & Simple Tiles
  • Metro : Typography
  • Metro design is large extent inspired by transportation industry
  • Metro is not just about putting square boxes , it is about performance also
  • Metro discourage to use buttons
  • In Windows Phone you do not exit from any random page
  • Shrinking everything does not make better app
  • Chrome is not information but the beauty aspect of the application.
  • all the font in Windows Phone are SIGO font
  • Motion in Windows Phone design : Turnstile ,Contriumm, Swivel, slide
  • Tilt effect to show response to user.

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