Some Important Points from “SQL Misconceptions” Session from Pinal Dave and Vinod Kumar


I attended session of Pinal Dave and Vinod Kumar on SQL Misconceptions. Few of points from that session is as following

  1. SET ROWCOUNT and TOP and OrderBy is not same.
  2. Set RowCount , Top and OrdetBy gives different execution plan
  3. Misconception is Cluster Index gives the result out in Order. It sort and gives result
  4. Seems due to parallelism Cluster Index does not gives result in order
  5. Cluster Index assure u sorted result only if you are explicitly using order by in the query
  6. Precision of small DateTime 31 sec rounded to next minute and 29 sec gets truncated to orevious minute
  7. As of textbook cluster index physically store the data.
  8. Cluster Index does not store in physical order
  9. Go 10 will run 10 times
  10. In simple recovery model your transaction log is as big as longest transaction run in the system.


I hope this quick post is useful. Thanks for reading.