Presented: Windows 8 App Development for web Developer

I had an opportunity to present on “Windows 8 App Development for Web Developers” at Microsoft Gurgaon on 13th October 2012. It was nice experience presenting in front of more than 125 enthusiast audiences.

I presented on the topic “Windows 8 App Development for Web Developers” and shown demos on

  1. Migrating CSS based HTML Web Application to Windows 8 Application
  2. Understanding App Package
  3. Understanding different capabilities
  4. Understating different Development options
  5. Create “Netflix Movie Explorer” App for Windows Store

Read step by step documentation shown in this demo

Please find below slides from the presentation,

Thanks for attending the presentation.

Presented in Kolkata Community Tech Days on Road

DataAccess  [Download slides  from clicking DataAccess link]

On 2nd July 2011, I presented on “New Ways of Accessing Data “. It was great presenting first time in front of Kolkata audience.


Session details are as follows

Topic New Ways of Accessing Data
Duration 60 Minutes
Venue Kolkata
Number of Audiences Around 100

This was demo oriented session. There were below demo in the session.


  • · Applying LINQ against data in memory
  • · LINQ to SQL Class ORM
  • · Performing CRUD operation using LINQ to SQL Class
  • · Stored Procedures in LINQ to SQL
  • · Applying LINQ to data as XML
  • · Logging and Connection string in LINQ to SQL
  • · Data in cloud [SQL Azure] and LINQ
  • · LINQ with Silverlight

OData and WCF Data Service

  • · Understanding OData
  • · Exposing CRUD operation on Data using WCF Data Service
  • · Stored Procedure with WCF Data Service
  • Consuming OData in Mango phone

Looking forward for next session  Smile


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