Unpacking Book Authored and Autographed by Pinal Dave

It was month of July, when I was in flight with Pinal Dave sir from Bangalore to Kolkata. Both we were travelling to present in Kolkata community tech days.

Pinal Dave sir in flight to Kolkata


I consider him as my one of the inspiration. Hence I was asking many questions to him related to blogs, presenting, community and taking me further as blogger. In discussion I popped to him, “Sir when you are going to author a book? “ He replied with smile “would you read if I will write a book? “ I replied “Who won’t read sir? “, with his humble voice and kind smile he told me that day that he was working on authoring. To my surprise in last 3 months his two books got published and I always wonder how much he works? In recent time he authored below two books along with continuity of his daily blog posts.


When his first book got published, I gave him a call to congratulate. In that call, I requested him to send me copy of his book with his signature on book. Because I always wanted to keep book autographed and authored by him with myself for motivation and inspiration. He agreed to send. Today afternoon I got this awesome gift from him. Below are few pic of book sent by him.




If you want to know more about these books, please refer below blog post written by Pinal Dave sir himself on his blog.

Flipkart Amazon

SQLAuthority News – Book Signing Event – SQLPASS 2011 Event Log

SQLAuthority News – SQL Server Wait Stats – eBook to Download on Kindle – Answer to FREE PDF Download Request

I would take this opportunity to thanks Pinal Dave sir for all his support to community and his inspirational persona.

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2 responses to “Unpacking Book Authored and Autographed by Pinal Dave”

  1. Hi Dhananjay,

    I am touched with this blog post. You are very special friend and kind community enthusiast. I often look at you and feel that I should be as diverse technologist as you are. People like you make deep impact on others.

    Thank you so much for this experience. I am honored.

    Kind Regards,

  2. […] Unpacking Book Authored and Autographed by Pinal Dave […]

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