NTLM and Windows Authentication on WCF service

Objective This document will explain various combinations of IIS and WCF Ntlm/Windows authentication settings. What is difference between NTLM and WINDOWS authentication in WCF? Windows authentication = authentication in NTLM + authentication in Active Directory NTLM authentication = authentication in only NTLM IIS configuration For all scenario IIS is configured for Windows authentication. What I […]

Introduction to Silver Light 3.0 Navigation

Objective In this article , I will show how to work with Silver Light Navigation framework. Create a Silver Light Application by selecting Silver Light application from project template. And follow below steps. Step 1 Adding references Add below references to Silver Light application. System.Windows.Control System.Windos.Control.Data System.Windows.Control.Navigation Step2 Adding namespaces Open MainPage.Xaml and add the […]