Element to Element Binding in Silver Light 3.0

Objective This article I am going to discuss new feature of SilverLight3.0 called Element to Element Binding. I will discuss three samples to understand Element to Element Binding. Example I will take an example to explain Element to Element binding. I will bind value of slider control to text of a text block. First I … Continue reading Element to Element Binding in Silver Light 3.0

File Handling in Isolated Storage in Silver Light

Objective This article will explain, How to create a text file in IsolatedStorageFile of a SilverLight 2 application. How to write into a text file in IsoltaedStorageFile. How to read a text file from IsolatedStorageFile. How to delete a file from IsolatedStorageFile. Step 1 Create a SilverLight application. By selecting File->New->Project->SilverLight-> SilverLight Application.Design the XAML … Continue reading File Handling in Isolated Storage in Silver Light

Isolated Storage in Silver Light

Why Isolated Storage? SilverLight applications are partially trusted application, which are running on a sandbox environment. So, SilverLight applications are not allowed to access the file system of the client, where it is running for the security reason. Because it is not safe to allow any SilverLight application to access client computer, this may harm … Continue reading Isolated Storage in Silver Light

Refresh a DataGrid dynamically in SilverLight

Objective Core Objective of this article is to give step by step explnation of , How to update or refresh a DataGrid dynamically in SilverLight ? List which is to be bind must be ObservableCollection Item of list of business class must implement INotifyPropertyChanged interface. This article is explaning how DataGrid would get refresh dynamically … Continue reading Refresh a DataGrid dynamically in SilverLight

Navigation in Silver Light

Objective This article will show, How to navigate between two SilverLight pages in silverLight2.0. This article is giving step by step illustration on how to navigate and pass values between two SilverLight pages. In this SilverLight application user will input her name and two numbers in one Silverlight page and user will get greeting message … Continue reading Navigation in Silver Light

Silver Light with ASP.Net MVC Framework

Objective In this tutorial, We will fetch data from SQL Server database using LINQ and display that data in Silver Light, while we are following ASP.Net MVC Framework Step 1 Create a Silver Light application. File -> New -> Project -> Silver Light Step 2 To hosting SILVERLIGHT application there are three options available for … Continue reading Silver Light with ASP.Net MVC Framework

Run Time Binding in SilverLight

Objective This tutorial will explain Introduction of Run Time Binding in SilverLIght Example to achieve run time binding. Explanation We are having an IPL class. A list objlist is there which is containing numbers of IPL objects. Our example will fetch data from that list and display in silver light control on click event of … Continue reading Run Time Binding in SilverLight

Custom Panel in Silver Light

Objective  Now it is time to get rid of default layouts of SilverLight. In this article, we will learn how to create a very basic custom layout and how to use that in SilverLight application. Step 1 Create a new Silver Light application. Step 2 Add a class in SilverLight application. Give any name for … Continue reading Custom Panel in Silver Light

Dependency Property

WPF introduces a new type of property called Dependency Property. This Property is backed by WPF property system. It is used for animation; enable styling, automatic data binding and more. It depends upon multiple providers for determining its value at any point of time. The biggest feature of Dependency Property is it's built in ability … Continue reading Dependency Property

Working with Radio Button control and Image in Silver Light 3.0

Objective In this article, I will explain couple of things step by step How to work with Radio Button control of Silver Light 3.0 How to Rotate Image in Silver Light Expected Output On selecting Radio Button Image will rotate in some angle.  Procedure Create a Silver Light application by File -> New -> Project … Continue reading Working with Radio Button control and Image in Silver Light 3.0