What is Azure DocumentDB

Read full article on Falafel blog here Recently I attended Cloud Camp by Microsoft India in Delhi. I had good time learning at the event. Besides other Microsoft Azure services like Azure Websites, Azure Mobile Services and Azure DocumentDB impressed me lot. In this post, I am sharing first level learning on Azure DocumentDB. Azure […]

Error in installing Windows Azure Storage Client Library 2.0

To start working with Windows Azure Storage Client Library 2.0. I created a project and tried adding reference of Windows Azure Storage Client Library 2.0 using NuGet. When I tried installing, I got following error message. “Microsoft.Data.OData could not be resolved” This error message is clearly saying that you need to install Microsoft.Data.OData version greater […]

Configure Node.js for Windows

In this post we will walkthrough step by step to set up environment for node.js on windows. Very first navigate to Windows Azure Download page and select node.js for Windows to download Once you click on node.js download option for Windows you will get following confirmation windows. Click on Save File. After saving the file […]