No Data tab in portal in Azure Mobile Services: Solved

Azure Mobile Service supports two platform for the backend. They are

  1. .NET backend
  2. JavaScript backend

I worked with JavaScript backend many times but with .NET backend it was my first attempt. So while creating Azure Mobile Service, I selected .NET platform as backend. To my surprise there is no Data tab available when you choose .NET backend.


Reason behind this is if you choose .NET backend data access becomes part of the .NET project and should be deployed from there. And in JavaScript backend Data tab would be visible in portal and scripts can run at the portal.

Steps to Enable Windows Azure Mobile Services

In this post we will take a step by step look on enabling Windows Azure Mobile Services in Windows Azure portal. To enable it login to Windows Azure Management Portal
After successful login to the portal in the bottom click on the New button.



On clicking of the NEW button under the COMPUTE tab, you need to select MOBILE SERVICES


You will get a screen with description of Mobile Services. Click on Try Now to enable Window Azure Mobile Services


In last step you will be prompted to select subscription and provide quick access token. However quick access token is optional.


In this way we can enable Windows Azure Mobile Services. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.