Configure Node.js for Windows

In this post we will walkthrough step by step to set up environment for node.js on windows. Very first navigate to Windows Azure Download page and select node.js for Windows to download


Once you click on node.js download option for Windows you will get following confirmation windows. Click on Save File.


After saving the file when you run the exe, it would launch a Web Platform Installer. You will get option to install Windows Azure SDK for Node.js. Click on Install button to proceed with installation


After successful installation you will get information about successful installed products as following in a dialog box.


After installation open command prompt as administrator and run the command

npm install azure-g


After successful installation of package create a working folder. For example I have created a folder called nodedemo in C drive. Now navigate to and copy the Hello Word sample from here


Create a file called server.js inside nodedemo folder and paste this code. After this run the command

node server.js


You will get message that node server is running. Now when you navigate to http: , you should be getting following response from the server


Once you get this response you can be sure that node server is configured on windows. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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