What is the Extension Method in C#?

Read full article on Infragistics blog I often get questions about the Extension Method in C#. The Extension Method was introduced in C# Version 3.0. and allows us to add functionalities in an existing class without modifying it, extending it, or re-compiling it. Essentially, the Extension Method allows us to add a new method to […]

The Top 5 New Features in C#6.0

Visual Studio 2015 recently introduced a new version of C# named C#6.0. I would not say it has major features added like Extension Method or LINQ in C# 3.0 or Async/ Await in C# 5.0. However it has many features that simplify the syntaxes and improve the readability of the code. Major C# 6.0 features […]

Decorator Pattern in C#

Read full article on Falafel blog “Decorator pattern attach additional functionalities or responsibilities to an existing object at the runtime”. It adds new behaviour to an individual object without affecting other objects of the same class. New behaviour or functionalities can be either added dynamically at the run time or statically. The decorator pattern: · […]