Getting Started with Windows Phone 8

Much awaited Windows Phone 8 SDK got launched on 30th October 2012. And as all we expected there is HTML5 support in Windows Phone 8.


To get it started navigate here to download Windows Phone 8 SDK and then from the New Downloads section download Windows Phone SDK 8.0. There are two options available to download Web Installer and DVD.


Download Windows Phone 8 SDK from there. After downloading start installing it.


After installing you will be asked to restart the system. Click on Restart Now to restart the system



After successful installation of Windows Phone 8 SDK, you will get confirmation window as following image. Click on launch to launch Visual Studio after installation.


Now go ahead and create a Windows Phone Application project. You will notice that there is template for Windows Phone HTML5 App. However let us go ahead and create an application using Windows Phone App Template.

Next you will be asked to choose the OS version. Choose Windows Phone OS 8.0 here.


Let us go ahead and put a Text Block on the MainPage.xaml.


In Windows Phone 8 SDK you got 4 types of emulator to run and test the application. Select Emulator WVGA 512MB and run the application in emulator


On running the application, you will see all new emulator. In further post we will discuss more on new features of emulator.


So now we are all set to explore more on Windows Phone 8 . In further posts we will go in detail of each new features and API. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.

Presenting on WCF in C# Corner Delhi Chapter meet: 27th October


C-Sharpcorner is one of the most popular site among developers. They have taken the initiative to run a full day off line learning event in various cities of India. They call this offline group as CHAPTER. So far successfully they have done their meet in Delhi, Mumbai and Trivandrum.

This is their second Chapter meet in Delhi/NCR region.

Read more about that here and Register

I have got an opportunity to meet and share my learning of WCF with their community. I am pretty excited about it.

On 27th October 2012, I will be giving a session on WCF in Midcrcaker Noida Office.

Please find the details here

For any further query feel free to give a call to

Pravin Kumar: 09810371053

Hope to see you there.

Thanks to Student created Windows 8 App of my Blog

I am very pleased to write here that one student Akrita Agarwal has shown her love to my blog and voluntarily created Windows 8 Application of my blog. I am very touched by this kind effort. You can get that app from App Store from here

Link to download Application from Store


This is two column application. You can browse blog posts on selecting a particular blog post from left. There is feature of searching a blog post and about author as well.



This may not be the best application but we are celebrating proactive step taked by a student to create an Application for Windows Store here.

Thanks to Akrita and their friends.

Presented: Windows 8 App Development for web Developer

I had an opportunity to present on “Windows 8 App Development for Web Developers” at Microsoft Gurgaon on 13th October 2012. It was nice experience presenting in front of more than 125 enthusiast audiences.

I presented on the topic “Windows 8 App Development for Web Developers” and shown demos on

  1. Migrating CSS based HTML Web Application to Windows 8 Application
  2. Understanding App Package
  3. Understanding different capabilities
  4. Understating different Development options
  5. Create “Netflix Movie Explorer” App for Windows Store

Read step by step documentation shown in this demo

Please find below slides from the presentation,

Thanks for attending the presentation.

How to detect Device is connected to Internet using Cordova


Recently, I have been working on some of the Hybrid Application . I come across a requirement to detect that whether device is connected to Internet or not? Since I were developing Hybrid Application so I had an option to detect Internet using HTML5 . However this approach had a problem in the browsers do not support HTML5. Better approach to detect Internet connectivity of device is through Cordova (PhoneGap).

You can detect device is online or offline in if condition as following,




If device is connected to internet then you can check type of the connection in device using Cordova as well. You can do that as following



Make sure you have added the reference of cordova to work with this.



Best practice is to create a function to detect device connectivity status and call that function when the device is ready. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.