Configure Node.js for Windows

In this post we will walkthrough step by step to set up environment for node.js on windows. Very first navigate to Windows Azure Download page and select node.js for Windows to download Once you click on node.js download option for Windows you will get following confirmation windows. Click on Save File. After saving the file […]

What is strict mode in JavaScript?

Have you ever noticed use of strict keyboard as shown in following image anywhere?   When I start creating application for Windows Store (Metro App), I noticed this on the top of the default.js file. Well it is nothing but a way to tell JavaScript for better coding and error checking in JavaScript code. If […]

Constructors in JavaScript

In this post we will learn to create a JavaScript type using a constructor. Let us suppose we was to create a type called Product. We can create that as following, Above we have created a type called Product. Now we can create an object of type Product as following. You can access a particular […]