Create App Package for Windows Store



In this post we will follow step by step procedure to create app package for Windows Store. Let us suppose you have created a “Hello World “application for Windows Store and want to create an App Package for the same. To create that from menu select PROJECT




From the POROJECT menu, select Store->Create App Package




Next you will get Create App Package wizard. At the point, we do not want to upload package to Windows Store so select the option No and click on Next




In next screen you need to choose Platform for the package. You can create package for


  1. 64 bit platform
  2. 32 bit platform
  3. ARM
  4. Neutral platform


Subsequently you need to choose whether you want to create package for Release Mode or Debug Mode. Here, I am creating a package for Neutral platform. Select that option and click on Create to create package.




After clicking on create in bottom of Visual Studio you can notice Build Succeeded message. And in next window you will get Success Message with path of the created package.




When you browse to path you will find package has been created to upload.


In this way you can create application package for Windows Store. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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