Mini Browser for Windows 7 Mobile

Objective This article will give step to step illustration of creating a simple browser for Windows 7 mobile. Step 1Create a new Windows Phone Application. From Silverlight for Windows Phone tab select Windows Phone Application project type. Step 2 Right click on project and add reference of Microsoft.Phone.Controls.WebBrowser Step 3 On the XAML page add […]

Get an Image using WCF REST service

Objective This article will give a very simple and basic explanation of , how to fetch an image using WCF REST service. Step 1 Create a WCF application. To create a new application File -> New -> Web-> WCF Service Application.Remove all the default code created by WCF. Remove code from IService 1 interface and […]

LINQ to Object Part #4: Querying Non- IEnumerable collections

Objective In this article, I am going to show, how we could apply LINQ to query non-IEnumerable<T> Collections. I have created a class for my explanation purpose. Student class is having details of students.  Student.cs     1 using System;     2 using System.Collections.Generic;     3 using System.Linq;     4 using System.Text;     5      6 namespace LINQtoOBJECT1     7 {     8      public  class Student     9     {    10     11     […]

Demystifying CLR Part #1

Objective This is a fully theoretical article. In this article, I am going to explain fundamentals of CLR. How CLR executes codes written in different languages. I am going to explain various components of MANAGED MODULES also. Note: I have written this article on basis of my learning from the very nice book written by […]