LINQ to XML in a Nutshell

Data may exist in much form. You may have data in relational tables residing on a relational database or portable data in form of XML. Since data exist in many forms, obviously there are many ways to manipulate or access them. One of the most popular ways of sharing data is as XML. Considering prominent […]

ASP.Net GridView with LinqDataSource

In this post I will walkthrough on using ASP.Net Gridview with LinqDatasource. You can bind a GridView with LinqDataSource and would able to Edit Delete View data without writing a single line of code. To see how it works , follow the steps below; Step1 Crate a ASP.Net Web Application. Step 2 Right click and […]

Executing SQL Query using LINQ to SQL

In this post, I will discuss how we can execute a SQL Query directly from LINQ. Explanation To execute SQL query there is a method in DataContext class called ExecuteQuery ExecuteQuery takes two input parameter 1. SQL Query as string 2. Parameters used in SQL query And it returns an IEnumerable. Example Below code will […]