Conducted C# Day at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management for professors and lecturers


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Nothing can be much satisfying than gaining an experience beyond books. Making room for the new literacies has always made my teachings interactive. To nurture it further, I conducted one day workshop on C# and LINQ at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida.

With the advance in software technology and its adoption by the industry it has become essential for the faculties to develop a pace. This one day workshop conducted my me will make them aware of the new technologies and will provide them an exposure to advances.

It all started with my introduction and industry experience. It was then followed by the Thank you speech by Mr. Rajeev Agarwal, Director.

The participants were awestruck and engaged throughout the session. Also, the attendees were curious to solve their queries which will bridge the gap of their doubts. The sessions also invited the ideas and suggestions on existing learning techniques and software development.

This workshop will impart structured and constructive thinking to the faculties which will soon get conveyed to the students for their better understanding and vision.

The participants found insights of various programmes and topics related to C#. The feedback given by the participants about the entire program was encouraging. The information delivered was well absorbed by all. With this positive note, the faculty members wish to experience such kind of program in near future which will again aid them with software essentials.
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Thank you ‘Yourstory’ for covering my story

I have always been in a continuous race to learn and let people learn by my work and experience. Though getting recognized is just another way to boost the confidence of the rising talents. I thank the team of ‘YourStory’ and Ms. Shraddha Sharma @sharmashradha for covering my unsung background and struggle. It was indeed an astounding experience to share my story with them.

I am grateful to my mentors, Mr. Mahesh Chand, Mr. Pinal Dave and Mr. Gaurav Mantri who have always guided me move through issues. Also I would like to thank my international mentors, Mr. Glenn Block, Mr. Dan Wahlin, Mr. Stephen Forte and Ms. Julie Lerman who have incredibly supported me over my past years.
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How to create watermark Textbox in Windows Phone 8

In this tutorial in step by step manner we will learn to create watermark textbox in Windows Phone 8. Watermark textbox looks like below. You use watermark textbox in your app if you want to display readable text to user such that they can enter desired information in that particular textbox. In below app these two watermark textboxes are giving information that user should enter Name and Phone in first and second textboxes respectively.


Let us learn how we can create watermark textbox.

Step 1

Create two text boxes and set text property of textboxes as watermark text. Since we want to display Name and Phone as watermark text of two textboxes so we have set Text property as Name and Phone respectively.


<TextBox x:Name="txtName"
            <TextBox x:Name="txtPhone" 

I have also set GotFocus and LostFocus events of textboxes.

Step 2

In watermark textbox when user will click on the textbox prepopulated value should get erased and user can type in new value. In Windows Phone 8 for textbox GotFoucs event gets fired when user selects textbox, so on GotFocus we need to perform two tasks,

  1. Erase prepopulated task
  2. In case user has left textbox without putting any value then again set textbox text with previous prepopulated value.


        string data;
        private void txtName_GotFocus(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

            TextBox t = sender as TextBox;
            data = t.Text;
            t.Text = string.Empty;


In above code snippet we are typecasting as TextBox and then setting its Text property to string.empty. Before setting value to empty we are saving existing text value such that if user leaves textbox control without inserting any value then previous value can be used to prepopulate textbox.

Step 3

Assume that user clicked or touched textbox but did not type any value and went away. In this case pervious value should get prepopulated in textbox. So to do this when user will navigate from control we need to check that whether textbox contains any value. If textbox text is empty then we will set text property to previous value. This can be done as below,


private void txtName_LostFocus(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            TextBox t = sender as TextBox;
            if (t.Text.Equals(string.Empty))
                t.Text = data;


This is what all you need to do to create watermark textbox in Windows Pone 8. I hope this post is useful. See demo of control below,