Single Instance Management in WCF

Objective This article is part # 3 of Instance Management in WCF. This article will explain about Singleton Service Instance mode. This article will give theoretical introduction and explanation of coding sample also. It will also discuss about various disadvantages of Singleton Service Instance mode and its potential place of uses. Part # 1 of…… Continue reading Single Instance Management in WCF

Transport level Security in WCF

Objective  This article will give a very brief introduction of transport level security in WCF When we say security at the transport layer, then the main concern is with the integrity, privacy and to certain extent authentication of the message as it travels along the wire.  In WCF, the secure transports available for use are…… Continue reading Transport level Security in WCF

Data Contract Hierarchy in WCF

Objective  This article will explain Data Contract hierarchy How base class and sub class are getting exposed in WCF? What is Known Type attribute Mixing of sterilization and Data Contract Data Contract Hierarchy   If any class in hierarchy is not attributed as [DataContract] or [serilizable] then InvalidDataContractException will occur at service run time  WCF…… Continue reading Data Contract Hierarchy in WCF

Triple DES Encryption and Decryption using User provided key

Objective In this article, I will explain how to do a Triple DES encryption on a plain text using user provided key. I will calculate a MD5 Hash on the key provided by the user. And that key will be user to encrypt and decrypt the message. Explanation of DES DES is a symmetric key…… Continue reading Triple DES Encryption and Decryption using User provided key

Back to Basic # Static class in c#

Objective This article will discuss about static class in c#. Different feature of static class and different way of creating static class also will be discussed. Finally one sample will give a hand on of the static class. Static class is type of classes which cannot be instantiated. Instance of static class cannot be created.…… Continue reading Back to Basic # Static class in c#