Video : Four ways of creating an object in JavaScript

There are four ways an object can be created in JavaScript object as a literal Using the new operator, also knows as constructor invocation pattern Using the Object.create() method Using the class starting ES6 Watch full video here : Source Code : For more such learning videos, subscribe to

Simplest way to share data between two unrelated Components in Angular

In Angular, it is essential to know how components communicate with each other. If you use a component inside another component, they create a parent child relationship.  In such a scenario, parent and child components communicate to each other in following ways: @Input() @Output() Temp Ref Variable ViewChild and ContentChild You can learn in detail … Continue reading Simplest way to share data between two unrelated Components in Angular

Type of Undeclared Variable in JavaScript: What is it?

  Have you ever thought, what is type of undeclared variable in JavaScript? I know, the first thing that might come to mind is: how can an undeclared variable have a type? Yes, in JavaScript it is possible. To understand it, let us start with understanding types in JavaScript. There are seven built in types in JavaScript. … Continue reading Type of Undeclared Variable in JavaScript: What is it?

Simplifying Angular CLI for beginners

So you want to write your first Angular application, however setting up even a ‘Hello World’ Angular application is not easy. It requires many steps such as: Setting up a TypeScript compiler, if you choose to use TypeScript Configuration of Webpack or other module loader Setting up local web development server Installing and configuring dependencies … Continue reading Simplifying Angular CLI for beginners

Completed 11 Years working in the Industry

I am very excited to share that today I completed 11 years working in the industry. It has been a learning and good challenging journey for me. During last 11 years, I have lived in three different cities and worked on six different technologies. I started my career as Software Engineer and currently working as … Continue reading Completed 11 Years working in the Industry

Presented in ng-India 2019

ng-India is India’s largest conference on Angular and JavaScript. It happened on 23 Feb in Gurgaon, India and was attended by around 350 developers around India. There were speakers from all across world teaching on various topics such as Ivy rendering, Webpack, RxJS, Change Detection in Angular, Directives, ViewEncapsulation, ngRx etc. I also had an … Continue reading Presented in ng-India 2019

Video – Arrow Function in JavaScript

Arrow function was introduced in ECMA 6.  It is different than function statement or expression , as it does not have its own 'this' , and can also not be used as constructor.  Some important points about Arrow function are: It does not have prototype property It does not have arguments parameter It does not … Continue reading Video – Arrow Function in JavaScript