The Top 5 New Features in C#6.0

Visual Studio 2015 recently introduced a new version of C# named C#6.0. I would not say it has major features added like Extension Method or LINQ in C# 3.0 or Async/ Await in C# 5.0. However it has many features that simplify the syntaxes and improve the readability of the code. Major C# 6.0 features … Continue reading The Top 5 New Features in C#6.0

Property Initializers in C-Sharp 6.0

In the C-Sharp 3.0 a new feature Automatic property got introduced. It allows us to create a class as a bag of the setters and the getters. You can create a class as follows: Each property is backed by a backing filed. When you set value of the property, setter gets executed to set the … Continue reading Property Initializers in C-Sharp 6.0

Exception Filters in C-Sharp 6.0

So far we deal with the Exceptions as below. As you see in the following code snippet, we are catching the exception and displaying the error message. Challenge in the above snippet is that you cannot apply filter to the exception. Of course you can have if-else statement inside the try catch block but it … Continue reading Exception Filters in C-Sharp 6.0