geek97 hosted Angular workshop for girls students

I am very pleased to share that on 16 November 2017, geek97 hosted a free workshop on Angular for Girls Students of Indira Gandhi Delhi technical University for Women, Delhi.


The workshop was attended by around 40 energetic and super talented girls from Computer Science Engineering and MCA department.


Every student were writing codes and there was great synergy all around. We started with installing NodeJS, Visual Studio Code, and Angular CLI. Once all machines were ready, following topics were covered in the workshop,

  • · What is SPA
  • · Difference between AngularJS and Angular
  • · Using Angular CLI
  • · Creating Components
  • · Data Bindings
  • · Creating a Product App


There were happiness on the face of students and satisfaction of writing codes and seeing their application running .


Teaching these young students was very learning experience for me. I learnt how to be more passionate and pledge to help more girls’ students to success in technology landscape.


This workshop was never possible without help of Sakshi Jain and her team. I thank core team for their all help and invitation.


If you want me to geek97 to host similar type of workshops or learning sessions for your college or team feel free to contact me.



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