Hosted 8th free workshop on Angular

On 8 April, I hosted free workshop on Angular in Gurgaon. 110-120 developers attended workshop. It was my eighth workshop on Angular in last 8 months across India.


We started at 10 AM and concluded at around 5 PM. In the workshop, we covered basics of the following topics:

  • Using Angular CLI to create Hello World Angular 4 application
  • Bootstrapping
  • Web pack and dynamic module loading
  • Component
  • Modules
  • Displaying Data
  • Interpolation
  • Property Binding
  • Event Binding
  • Two-way Binding
  • Nested Components
  • Components communication with Input and Output
  • Using Template Expression in Component Communication
  • Life cycle hooks
  • Pipes
  • Custom pipes
  • Forms
  • Validations in forms
  • Configuring Routes
  • Routes and Actions
  • Parameters to Routes
  • Activate a Route in Code
  • Child Routers
  • Services
  • DI hierarchy
  • Getting Data with http
  • Posting data to API with http
  • Observables
  • Using Ignite UI Grid in Angular application
  • Adding Ignite UI for Angular data charts in application

Every attendees were very much involved in the sessions, and event at the break out time, there were many questions.


Microsoft was kind enough to provide us space for the workshop along with tea/ coffee for the attendees. I also thank Infragistics for all the support.


I thank each one who attended the workshop and hope it was useful for them. My next workshop would be on June on JavaScript design patterns and RxJS.

One response to “Hosted 8th free workshop on Angular”

  1. DJ sir,
    I hope it was really nice learning, could you please upload the video of that event?
    Thank you

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