Thank you ‘Yourstory’ for covering my story

I have always been in a continuous race to learn and let people learn by my work and experience. Though getting recognized is just another way to boost the confidence of the rising talents. I thank the team of ‘YourStory’ and Ms. Shraddha Sharma @sharmashradha for covering my unsung background and struggle. It was indeed … Continue reading Thank you ‘Yourstory’ for covering my story

How to create watermark Textbox in Windows Phone 8

In this tutorial in step by step manner we will learn to create watermark textbox in Windows Phone 8. Watermark textbox looks like below. You use watermark textbox in your app if you want to display readable text to user such that they can enter desired information in that particular textbox. In below app these … Continue reading How to create watermark Textbox in Windows Phone 8

No Data tab in portal in Azure Mobile Services: Solved

Azure Mobile Service supports two platform for the backend. They are .NET backend JavaScript backend I worked with JavaScript backend many times but with .NET backend it was my first attempt. So while creating Azure Mobile Service, I selected .NET platform as backend. To my surprise there is no Data tab available when you choose … Continue reading No Data tab in portal in Azure Mobile Services: Solved

Learn AngularJS: Hour 2

In hour 1 of this series we learnt to get started with AngularJS. In this hour we will see Angular Templates and how AngularJS app can be embraced into a pattern. Let us start with writing a simple web application with static template. In below application we are printing name of the authors in HTML … Continue reading Learn AngularJS: Hour 2

Learn AngularJS : Hour 1

Who is not talking about Angular.JS? Undoubtedly it is most powerful framework (Not Library) to create Single Page Applications (SPA). In this Learn AngularJS series, I will focus on basics of Angular. This series will help you in getting started with AngularJS. In first hour we will write first AngularJS Apps and understand bootstrapping of … Continue reading Learn AngularJS : Hour 1