Windows Azure Blog Posts 100 Not Out


I love Windows Azure. I have been growing as professional with Windows Azure. I am excited as kid writing this and informing you that yea I have blogged more than 100 posts on Windows Azure.

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I wrote first blog posts on Windows Azure back on 16th November 2009 with following title

Step by Step walkthrough to create first application for cloud (Windows Azure)

And my latest blog post on Windows I wrote today morning. It is on Windows Azure Mobile Service

Fetching Windows Azure Mobile Services Data in XAML based Windows Store Application

In my journey to 100+ blog posts I touched upon all part of Windows Azure like Windows Azure Hosted Services, Table, Queues, Blobs, SQL Azure, and Windows Azure Mobile Services etc. I am very happy seeing Windows Azure is progressing as platform. Recent addition of Active Directory on Windows Azure is one of my favourite. I try to see Windows Azure always as developer. I put developer touch in Windows Azure. I have authored many posts like exposing Management API operations as WCF SOAP Service etc. I am committed to continue writing on Windows Azure along with other technologies.

Read All Windows Azure Blog Posts here

I complete this post by thanking my readers. Long live Windows Azure. Let us go on cloud way.

2 responses to “Windows Azure Blog Posts 100 Not Out”

  1. The Thing is there are not much clients who use Windows Azure. So i have to leave after working for a year on Azure

  2. Dhananjay Kumar

    Windows Azure is evolving

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