Evolution of C Sharp Language: Picture Blog

I was working on something and suddenly a mail popped up. I did not know the sender but I found he/she was a job aspirant. I found him/her very impatient and gist of his/her mail was, “Sir tomorrow I got a job interview. Could you please help me with different versions of C Sharp with specific features in each versions? I just want to know the features name “

I found this question very interesting. Since majority of the time we focus on implementation of a feature. We discuss how a particular feature can be implemented in greater extent but we tend to forget in which version of C Sharp that particular feature got introduced. For a junior level programmer interview, this could be a vital question that list different features of C Sharp version wise. I am trying to answer this question pictorially below,


I am sure taking a high level look on this picture before going to interview could be a help. I hope you find this picture post useful. Thanks for reading.

2 responses to “Evolution of C Sharp Language: Picture Blog”

  1. Very usefull , thank u

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