Windows Azure for Developers Task 9: Hosting WCF Service Role in Windows Azure Hosted Service

In Previous Article We saw How to work with WCF Service Web Role

I am going to extend previous article to publish in hosted service.

Hosting WCF Service Role in hosted service is exactly the same as we host  ASP.Net Web Role.

1. Login to Azure Development portal.

2. Create a new hosted service. If you want you can upgrade any existing hosted service to host WCF Service role also.

Read here, Creating Hosted Service in Windows Azure

3. To upgrade the hosted service ; browse locally


4. Right click on Azure project and select Publish.

5. Now while upgrading hosted service, select browse locally option and navigate to folder containing the files.

6. Once publishing done, you can navigate to the URL. On navigation you may get below error in browser


Do not be panic and append Service1.svc with URL and you will get WCF Service Web Role up and running


7. We can consume service exactly in same way , we consume normal WCF Service.

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