Content Editor Web Part in SharePoint 2010

Target Audience : Begineers This articles is targeted to beginners of SharePoint 2010. In this article we will walkthrough 1. Adding a Web part Page 2. Content Editor Web Part on the page. Follow the steps as below, Step1 Open SharePoint site and click on Site Action . From Site Action drop down select more […]

Tracking Change Data Capture in SQL Server 2008

A very important feature of SQL Server 2008 is that we can enable CDC [Change Data capture] on database or table. We can track the database had CDC enabled by querying IS_CDC_ENABLED column In above query School is name of the database. If we want to track tables in database whether CDC enabled or not […]

Data Compression in SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 automatically compress data stored in database. SQL server does Lossless data compression. SQL server uses Dictionary based compression algorithm. Row Level Data Compression For Row level Data Compression SQL Server does not use explicitly any standard compression algorithm. It works on very simple algorithm. Say, 1. You created a column of CHAR(50) […]