Prototypical inheritance in JavaScript

Read full post on falafel blog Before we can understand prototypical inheritance, let us start with a problem statement. You have a student for whom you need to: Calculate their grade Print the grade In JavaScript this can be simply implemented as follows: There are some inherent problems in the above approach: Variables are defined … Continue reading Prototypical inheritance in JavaScript

Decorator Pattern in C#

Read full article on Falafel blog “Decorator pattern attach additional functionalities or responsibilities to an existing object at the runtime”. It adds new behaviour to an individual object without affecting other objects of the same class. New behaviour or functionalities can be either added dynamically at the run time or statically. The decorator pattern: · … Continue reading Decorator Pattern in C#

Revealing Module Pattern in JavaScript

We talked about Prototype Pattern in previous posts. You can read them at below link. Understanding Prototype Pattern in JavaScript Understanding Prototype Pattern in JavaScript: Part # 2 Revealing Module Pattern allows us to achieve Singleton object Private Public behaviour of functions and properties in the object. Let us consider the usual code we write. … Continue reading Revealing Module Pattern in JavaScript