Wish you Happy New Year 2014

I wish you Happy New Year 2014. I hope you had significant 2013 and I wish that you will have even better 2014.   I had good 2013. I got opportunity to attend and present in many conferences all across globe. I hosted each month learning gathering for developers. Blogged on various technologies to educate … Continue reading Wish you Happy New Year 2014

Four Steps to create first WCF Service: Beginners Series

This post is for beginners who are starting in WCF. I will be focused and help you to create and consume first WCF Service in simplest steps. We will follow steps as following, At the end of this post you should able to create first WCF Service and consume that in a Console Application. I … Continue reading Four Steps to create first WCF Service: Beginners Series

5 Basic Rules of Speaking

They say speaking is an Art, I say speaking is a science. A good speaking is combination of various basic rules. We can deliver a good speaking on applying basic rules collectively. I have been attending many presentations on various topics from different speaker. I found some of them extremely entertaining and interactive and for … Continue reading 5 Basic Rules of Speaking

Completed 5 years as professional

On 24th March 2013 I have completed 5 years as professional in Software industry. It has been an exciting journey for me. I moved from one city to another, worked on different kind of projects, with different kinds of teams. I learnt and explored lot in these 5 years. So far my 5 years of … Continue reading Completed 5 years as professional