What is “let” statement in JavaScript?

Using the let statement, you can create Block scoped local variables in JavaScript. The let statement was introduced in the ECMAScript 6 standard of JavaScript.

Before ECMAScript 6, JavaScript had three types of scoping:

  • Global scoping
  • Functional scoping
  • Lexical scoping

To explore let statement in detail, consider the code snippet given below:

You will get this output for the above code listing:


In the above listing, variable x is declared using the var statement. Hence, the scope of variable x is a function scope. Variable x inside the if statemnet is same variable x which was created outside the if statement. So, when you modify the value of variable x inside the if statement block, it modifies the value for all references of variable x in the function.

To avoid this, you need block-level scoping, and the let statement allows you to create a block-scoped local variable.

Let’s modify the above code snippet and use the let statement to declare the variable:

In the above code snippet, you are declaring scope level local variable x using the let statement. Therefore updating value of variable x inside the if statement will not affect value of variable x outside the if statement.

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Thanks Microsoft for awarding me Most Valuable Professional Award 8th times in a row

I am very happy and excited to share that once again I have received prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award


First time I got Microsoft MVP award in 2010 in Connected System Development specialization. In 2015, my specialization got changed to ASP.NET/IIS and in 2016, it changed to Visual Studio and Development. Once again, in 2017, I got awarded in Visual Studio and Development technologies.

You get this award if contribute to developer communities and enable them in various ways such as

  • Writing books
  • Writing articles
  • Writing blog posts
  • Delivering free sessions, workshops etc.
  • Answering questions in forums like Stackoverflow
  • Contributing to open source projects
  • Providing feedback to Microsoft products team etc.

Since last few years, I have been working on JavaScript and Angular. Therefore, I am contributing to developer community around these technologies. To give you some idea in 2016 only, I hosted 19 free workshop on Angular in various Indian cities. Besides these workshops, written many blog posts on JavaScript and Angular.

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Finally, I would like to thank many seniors who have been inspiring me to do better and each one of you for your support. I am aspired for being more useful to you.

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