Recap: Angular 2 Road Trip – Coimbatore

Recap of Angular Road Trip – Ahmedabad

Recap of Angular 2 Road Trip – Gurgaon

Recap of Angular 2 Road Trip – Indore


To start with, I thank my employer Infragistics for all support in making these community events, specially Angular 2 road trip successful. We have awesome set of controls for your AngularJS 2, MVC, jQuery etc. application. I request to have a look and please download free trial of Ignite UI here


I would like to thank Biztalk 360 for organizing this event. Without their support, it was not possible.

On 15th October, I hosted fourth event of my Angular 2 Road Trip. Read more about Angular 2 here . This time, it was turn of city Coimbatore from South India to show the love for Angular 2 and there were around 90-100 developers attended the event.


We started at 11 am with Advanced JavaScript. In this three-hour session, we mainly focused on Objects and Prototypes. At the end of two hours of JavaScript, we came up with below diagram.


After JavaScript session , we took the lunch break. And after lunch, we started Angular 2. It was a mixed corwd so, we started slwowly and then moved to advanced topcis of Angular 2.


In three hours, we covered following topics in Angular 2,

  • Setting up development environment in VS Code
  • Understanding Bootstrapping
  • Understanding Modules
  • Understanding Components
  • Creating first component
  • Creating Service
  • understanding Routing
  • Performing CRUD operations using http
  • Forms and user input validation
  • Routing

I was very motivated and inspired to do better seeing participations and passion of the people. I must thank each attendee for their support in successfully execution of the event.


I would like to thank each attendees and team Biztalk 360 for organizing and making this event successful.


Last but not least I would like to thank following inspiring people for their support in making Angular 2 road trip successful.

Brad Green,

Dan Wahlin,

Glenn Block

Geard Sans,

Jaosn Beres ,

Todd Motto


Next destination is Bangalore. Thanks everyone.

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