Method Caller Information in C Sharp 5.0

Before we understand Method Caller Information feature of C# 5.0, we need to understand Optional Parameter feature of C# 4.0. C Sharp 4.0 introduced Optional Parameter feature . According to this feature, in function call only required parameters are needed to be passed. If value of Optional Parameters are not provided then they will take […]

What is Namespace in WinJS

Let us first try to understand, why we need Namespace? I will try to explain you with an example, let us suppose you have a function named GreetingMessage in JS file named Library.js Now you need to use this function on default.js. When you try to call that function from other js file , you […]

Sorting of JavaScript Array

Does not matter what language you are working on, you will always find Sorting as an essential part of the language. In this post we will focus on Sorting in JavaScript. Sorting is a technique to arrange elements in certain order. Let us suppose you have an array as following, You will get array elements […]

For-in loop in JavaScript Array

    For-in loop is used to iterate through an object. Let is suppose you have an object as following   You can iterate through object properties using for-in loop. You can iterate as following listing,   You will get output as following, In other way you can for-in loop with an array. However that is […]

Arrays in JavaScript

In JavaScript Arrays are an object. You can create Array is JavaScript as following   An array element can be accessed using its index. For example if you want to read banana, you will read that as following,   Likely Array of other languages, JavaScript array index also start from zero. The other way to […]