Dilemma in choosing technology to create App for Windows Store?




When one start creating Applications for Windows Store, the first question come to mind is what technology should be used to create applications. In this post, I am trying to ease that decision to some extent. If you creating application form scratch then as of me you should rely on your existing skills. However for migrating application, you may want to take decision on basis of type of application need to be migrated. Below is the flowchart I would follow while taking decision for technology path




Some of the points you need to keep in mind while deciding are as follows

  • Know your existing skills and decide on that. If you are good at JavaScript and have worked with patterns then you may find WinJS very similar. Whereas if you have created Windows Phone App or WPF applications before then combination of C Sharp and XAML will make more sense to you .


  • You need to be more cognizant when deciding for the migration of application. In this scenario rather than relying on your existing skills, you should decide on the factor of what type of application you are going to migrate. For example if you are migrating Windows Phone application then you must choose combination of C Sharp and XAML such that you may reuse codes and functionalities. Imagine if your Windows Phone application is created using patterns like MVVM then you may able to use View and Model View.


  • So far what I have experienced that majority of the WinJS controls are created as Metro Controls. So you do not need to write any extra code to make WinJS controls as metro a control. So it may be wise to use HTML and WinJS combination if you skill set contains both web and CSharp XAML.


  • If you are creating high end Gaming applications then you may want to consider combination of C++ and XAML


  • >If you are a .NET developer and your skill set contains HTML and JavaScript as well. In that case I would recommend C Sharp and XAML. You will find development process very familiar as of .NET development. For example you may create application adhering same patterns like MVVM etc.


In this way you can decide on the combinations of technology for the development of applications for Windows Store.

<I hope you find these quick points useful. Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Dilemma in choosing technology to create App for Windows Store?”

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  3. Hi,I am a chinese developer.I have see your give charm above..very useful.but,there have a question? the native developer should choose c sharp and xaml,i think that should shoose c++ and xaml…yes?just the same as blow you post said.

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